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Two Parts:Signing UpJoining a Course

Coursera is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider founded in April 2012.[1] As of October 26, 2014, it has over 10,000,000 registered users and almost 850 courses.[2] Want to join in? Read this article to find out how.

Part 1
Signing Up

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    Open your web browser.
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    Enter "" into your address bar and press enter.
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    Click on the Sign Up button in the upper-right-hand corner of their website.
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    Enter all the necessary information: your name, email, and password. Check the "I agree to the Terms of Service and Honor Code" box, and click the Sign Up button. You should get a welcome email shortly.

Part 2
Joining a Course

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    Use the search box on your dashboard. Type the course topic you're interested in, and check for results.
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    Read the "About the Course" section on the course page to get an overview of the course topic. Be sure to check the duration of the course and the weekly time requirements.
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    Click Join for Free
    • If you want a Verified Certificate, click Earn a Verified Certificate (this is usually just below the "Join for Free" button). It will take you to a page that lists the price. Click the Join Signature Track for this course button and proceed from there.
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    Click the Go to Class button on the "Congratulations!" popup.
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    Select an option on the "Please tell us your goals" section. Read the Honor Code, and then click I Agree.
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    Get started! You've now registered for a course. Just follow the instructions on the course pages and start your learning journey.


  • Verified Certificates require ID Identification and cost money, but they can be useful if want solid proof that you alone did the work. For personal satisfaction, a free Statement of Accomplishment is fine.
  • While it's great to be enthusiastic about learning, do not register for too many courses, as it can add up much faster than you think.

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  • Internet connection

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