How to Use Chakra Jewelry to Balance Throat Chakra and Other Chakras

An article about how to use chakra jewelry to balance throat chakra and other chakras


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    Moving through the heart chakra we reach the ethereal. Those communicative aspects of being (Blue throat chakra) that is measurable, but not concrete.Here comes the fifth chakra, the Throat Chakra. It has an impact on the functions of the vocal chords we possess. Dealing with lymphatic system in one’s body this chakra is also said to have an impact on the language we speak. This chakra affects throat, neck, teeth, ears, and thyroid gland. When this chakra goes out of balance one may want to hold back, feel timid, be quite, feel weak, or can’t be expressive. Physically expressed as illness or ailments include, hyperthyroid, skin irritations, ear infections sore throat, inflammation, and back pain. When this chakra is balanced you may feel balanced, centered, musically or artistically inspired, and may be a good speaker.
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    A balance of the color blue brings inspirations, self expression and creativity, faith in oneself and trust in others. Stimulates functions of expressing unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, bring peace and harmony to lives. Aquamarine, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue tourmaline, Blue turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Sapphire, Sodalite and Zircon are the major used in conjunction with this Chakra.Wearing these jewels can help you out in following ways:·
    • It helps your mind to deal with confusions.
    • Encourages you to have trust in yourself and others.
    • Allows you to speak out your heart.
    • Works perfect for meditation and give peace to your mind.
    • Purifies your language. Gives you confidence to communicate freely and positively.
    • Aids the throat and eyes problems, Helps to fight all illness, mainly digestive disorders and glandular problems.
    • Acts as an Excellent healer and protective shield.
    • Gives strength to entire body.
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    We slip off some of the weighty mass found in the lower chakras, and ascend to inner awareness. This introduces us with the sixth chakra (Indigo, The Third Eye Chakra).Towards the forehead is the third eye chakra or the Brow Chakra which is important in the process of having perception and also helps making impressions, intuitions, concentration, and intelligence and enhances one’s sight, hearing power as well as recognizes smell easily. It works with Autonomic Nervous system of the body. This chakra includes eyes, face and brain, lymphatic and endocrine system. Physical symptoms may include headaches, nightmares, blurred vision, blindness, and eyestrain. When this chakra is balanced and open you are your own master with no fear of death, are not attached to material things, and may experience telepathy, astral travel, and past lives.
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    A mix of blue and violet, color indigo is the color of knowledge, dignity and intuition. Jewels of prosperity include Azurite, Blue Jasper, Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Amethyst, Fluorite, Kunzite, Labradorite, Sugilite, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphires.Wearing this type of chakra jewelry can help you out in following ways:·
    • Works very well for frustration.
    • Enhances wisdom.
    • Good for psychic development
    • Gives confidence and inspiration.
    • Gives deep relaxation making meditations easier to achieve. Wearing these stones help you to get rid of negative energies and depression.Enhances your understanding, mental capabilities and purifies your body and soul.

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