How to Use Bluehost

Five Parts:Getting StartedExploring the OptionsManaging Your FilesUsing Security OptionsUsing Other Options

This article will show you how to use some of Bluehost's hosting tools.

Part 1
Getting Started

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    Login to Bluehost at
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    Review the control panel to see all the options. Up at the top are the tabs that you can navigate through. They are also at the bottom.
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    Set up your domain email accounts. Click the button in the mail section that says mail accounts.
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    Fill out all of the areas and press "Create Account."

Part 2
Exploring the Options

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    Block email spam, if desired. For spam blockers for your email accounts, click on one of the many spam blocking programs. Some of the spam programs cost money and their prices can range from different amounts.
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    Set up auto-responders, if you'd like to. To do so, click on the auto responder button.
    • Once inside the auto responder options you can start typing a message that will be sent when someone emails you. Just click add auto responder type your message and choose an email to attack it to.
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    Create a mailing list click on the mailing list button.
    • Once you have entered the mailing list program fill out the required fields and then click "Add Mailing List"
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    Consider implementing account and user filtering. Click one of the filter buttons. Once there you can decide what kind of messages your email accounts will receive. This helps when you have one of the spam programs.
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    Import your contacts. Click on the "Import Addresses" button to upload email addresses from other devices into your email contacts. Just click on "Import Addresses" or "MX Entry" and follow the instructions.
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    Add your own logos to the mix. To create some personnel logos or to upload some click on one of the mojo market place buttons like the one called logos and graphics.

Part 3
Managing Your Files

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    Get familiar with the file manager. Here you can access all of your files for your site. This program called Site Backup, and it is an additional program you can purchase to help keep your files safe.
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    Access your files. Click on either File Manager, Legacy File Manager, File Count, or FTP Accounts. FTP Unlimited is the same as FTP Accounts except it has more advanced settings and you must have the program Java on your computer.
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    Select your directory. When opening one of these you will arrive at a box that gives you options. Select the option called Web Root. Then click "Go".

Part 4
Using Security Options

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    Scroll down to Security. This is the security section of your Bluehost account. Here you can change passwords, manage your ssl certificate, and block IP addresses that vandalize your site.
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    Block an IP if you need to. To block an IP address click on the IP deny manager button.
    • Once in side the settings type in the IP address you wish to block and click "Add". You can also scroll down and view your currently blocked IP addresses and choose to allow them to view the site again.
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    Enable Hotlink Protection if you want to. Under security there is also Hotlink Protection. There you can prevent others from copying and pasting links that lead to your site. This stops them from putting links to your website on there website. You can also view and see if links to your site are posted anywhere else. When this program is enabled it stops you also from posting links to your site.

Part 5
Using Other Options

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    Review the promotional section. Here you can pay money for programs to post links or ads of your choice on there website. The yellow page account is free.
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    Access the Statistics. Site statistics is a section that provides programs you can use to see who your latest visitors were or what page of your website is most visited. Some of the programs are free but some cost additional. Their prices range from different amounts depending on what you want.
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    Get more options under your Preferences. In Account Preferences you can read help guides, change your password, change the language, add shortcuts, watch how-to videos, and renew your account.


  • If you delete a file in the file manager there is no way to get it back.
  • If you use a Front-page extension do not enable the Hotlink protection program. It will corrupt your account.

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