How to Use Baseball Sayings and Phrases (Chatter)

Do you play baseball? Ever feel like you can't provide the support your team needs? Here are some great baseball sayings that will make you sound both knowledgeable and like a good baseball player.


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    Learn the following batting phrases:
    • "Good cut!" - use for when the batter misses the ball (Can also be used if you foul a ball off)
    • "Now you've seen it!" - use for when the batter takes strike one
    • "Watch the junk" - use on an 0-2 or 1-2 count when you think the pitcher is going to throw an off-speed pitch, such as a curve or change-up away.
    • "Gotta protect now!" or "Protect the plate!" - use on an 0-2 count when the batter needs one more strike to strikeout
    • "Drive him home!" or "Bring him home!" - use when there is a runner in scoring position and you need an RBI.
    • "Your pitch now" - use on a 3-0 or 3-1 count where the batter is ahead in the count
    • "It's in the gap" or ""it's dropping" - use when the batter has hit a ball in between fielders and he has doubts whether he will be safe or out
    • "Good hustle" - this is comforting for someone who just grounded out
    • "get 'em next time" - same as above, only can be used for any type of out
    • "What do ya say (Number of player)!"-when you want the player to do well or just giving support.
    • "Chicken ain't nothing but a bird!"- use pretty much anytime, but especially when the umpire makes a bad call on a pitch; specifically said "Chicken ain't nothin' but a bird Blue!"
    • "Hey get a nine iron" when a low pitch is called for a strike.
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    Try out some fielding phrases:
    • "That's a nice Gunt" - Whenever Top Gunt makes a play
    • Turn a "twist" - double play
    • Hold 3 (or 2), go 1 - reminds infielders that on ground ball with a runner on 3rd (or 2nd)they should look toward third to "hold the runner" then go to first base put out the batter.
    • "Get two!" or "Turn two!" or "Roll a pair!" - another way of saying go for a double play
    • "He's going!" - shout this when an opponent is attempting to steal a base
    • "Cut 'x' " - insert a number for "x", such as "Cut 4!" The number will apply to a base, either 2, 3, or 4 for home. This tells the outfielder where to throw
    • "Get one!" - lets a fielder know where he has to throw it, in this case first base
    • "Can of Corn" - easy play
    • "Hey lets get 1 and 1." - referring to let's get the first out and then go for the second.
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    Get into some pitching phrases:
    • "Don't lose him!" - when there is a full count on the batter
    • "Give him a look" or "look over" - this tells the pitcher that the guy is taking a big lead
    • "Strikes now kid" - when the pitcher has having difficulty finding the strike zone
    • "Deep breath now!"- when the pitcher is rushing
    • "Let him hit it" - encouragement to a pitcher who is struggling to throw strikes. You're telling the pitcher to let the batter hit it and the defense will take care of the rest.
    • "Focus and fire"-when the pitcher has having difficulty finding the strike zone
    • "He Gone"-when the pitcher strikes a player out"
    • Ducks on the pond - refers to runners in scoring position.
    • Don't be a zoo- whenever the coach puts a less than mediocre player in the game. Most likely a player from a "baseball academy" in Alberta
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    "It's broken!" - Whenever someone breaks their bat (also in reference to Laffy's elbow)


  • Be creative! Add words on the end of phrases, such as "kid" or a player's number like "here we go '2' '7'", saying each number separately.
  • You can replace numbers with dollar amounts such as 25 can be quarter, or hey dime dime nickel or hey nickel nickel nickel dimer. You can have a lot of fun with this by being creative, 5 can be "hey 95 cents short of a dollar".

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