How to Use Aromatherapy for Depression

While depression cannot be cured with aromatherapy, you can work to treat the symptoms of the disorder if you know how to use aromatherapy for depression. The idea behind using aromatherapy is to reduce stress and to relax you. You can use aromatherapy by utilizing concentrated essential oils in various methods.


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    Know what oils help with which symptoms.
    • Clary sage essential oil can help with anxiety, depression and insomnia.
    • Basil works against depression, fatigue and anxiety.
    • Rose essential oil has properties that work on the entire nervous system.
    • Ylang-ylang is used as a relaxer that can help with insomnia, anxiety and depression.
    • Sandalwood is an oil that has sedative properties that can help ease tension.
    • Lavender essential oil can help with migraines, depression, nervous tension, headaches, hypertension and insomnia.
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    Create an uplifting recipe that includes 6 drops bergamot oil, 3 drops geranium oil, 2 ounces vegetable oil, 3 drops petitgrain oil, and optionally 1 drop of neroli, which can be expensive.
    • You can use this recipe as a massage oil by applying it directly to your skin.
    • Make an air spray by omitting the vegetable oil and adding the mixture to 2 ounces of water instead.
    • Add your mixture to warm bathwater and soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Use your mixture in a footbath, and let your feet soak in it.
    • If you omit the vegetable oil, you can also try your mixture in an aromatherapy diffuser. Try simmering it in a pan of water, or add it to a potpourri cooker.
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    Make an inhalation recipe that includes 4 parts ylang-ylang essential oil, 4 parts clary sage essential oil, 2 parts basil essential oil, 3 parts geranium essential oil and 1 part sandalwood essential oil. Combine these oils into a small glass bottle, and open up and sniff as needed throughout the day, or add to a tissue and smell throughout the day.
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    Put together an oil blend includes the combination of jasmine, rose, basil, clary sage and German chamomile (matricaria recutita). Once you combine these oils together, you put 2 to 3 drops in a bowl of steaming water. Alternatively, place 5 to 6 drops in a bath, or you can put a small amount along the edge of your pillow to inhale while you sleep.
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    Add chamomile, jasmine and bergamot to a brown sugar cube as another means of using essential oils.


  • Aromatherapy can be used in conjunction with traditional depression medication, but don't stop your medication altogether and solely rely on aromatherapy.
  • If you or someone that you know is severely depressed, consult a doctor and consider traditional medicine.

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