How to Use An Online Fax Service

Internet faxing offers convenience and low cost for sending and receiving faxes. You don't have to leave your home to fax or set up and maintain expensive equipment and dedicated phone lines. They offer the added convenience of having faxes sent to your email, making it easier to store and access them. In addition, online faxing saves paper and waste by eliminating the need to print and generate multiple copies of paper, plus fax transmission sheets and cover notes. There is only a little work that needs to be done to find and use online fax providers. Learn how to use an online fax service to compare the costs and convenience of fax providers.


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    Compare costs and features to find the best Internet faxing service for you. Most services have a monthly fee that covers a set amount of incoming and outgoing faxes. Try to gauge how many faxes you'll be sending or receiving to make sure you don't have to pay heavy overage fees.
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    Look for added benefits to an Internet faxing service. Many plans offer storage of faxes, which is handy if you need to refer back to sent items. Some allow faxes to be send by email. It's also important to find fax providers that offer customer support during the hours you are faxing.
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    Consider using a free service. If you only have to send one fax or will fax infrequently, and you don't need to receive faxes, look for a free fax service. Most of these services require sending a fax with one page of advertisements. This might not be a good idea if you are applying for a job or communicating with a potential client. However, if you are not trying to impress the recipient, it's a fine free solution.
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    Investigate other innovative fax services to meet your needs. Some providers offer fax services that integrate with Skype. Options like scanR work with a camera phone. ScanR allows you to scan and fax by taking a photo of documents you want to send.
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    Sign up for a trial period before making a commitment. Most fax providers offer one. This is a good way to make sure faxes go through, that the system isn't busy, and that you can get customer support to learn how to use an online fax service when you need it.
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    Prepare documents to send. Online faxing services usually require that you convert documents to PDF format, but some will use Word or text documents. If you have Microsoft Office, it includes a free PDF converter. Create a PDF from a Word document by selecting "File," and then choosing "Save as PDF." If you don't have Word or need to save another type of file to be faxed, download a free PDF converter online.
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    Set up an email account to receive faxes, if you don't have one already. It can also be a good idea to have an email accounted dedicated just to faxes. Gmail, Yahoo! And other providers offer free email accounts. To set them up, just go to the website, enter a user name, password and contact information.
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    Go to the start screen of your fax provider. Instructions vary by the provider, but generally you need to enter the fax number to send to, upload your document, and send.

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