How to Use an Ajax Library in Your Website

Ever wanted to add dynamic features to your website using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)? This article will show you the simple steps to do that.


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    Identify the end user functionality you wish to present to your users.
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    Select a pre-built AJAX library that provides the functionality you desire.
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    Download the Ajax library from the source site. These can be found by doing a simple search on using the name and "AJAX" as the search terms. Some of the mostly used libraries are:
    • Mootools[1]
    • Prototype[2]
    • Jquery[3]
    • Scriptaculous[4]
    • Copy the Ajax code to your website directory.
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    Include the files in your web page.
    • Include the Style Sheet within the <head> element.
    • Include the JavaScript above the </head> tag.
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    Call your AJAX functions and use the CSS classes on your page.
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    Test, test and test.

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