How to Use Airfare.Com

One of the websites you can use to book airfare online is This article will describe how you can use it.


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    Figure out is which airport you’ll be flying to and from where. By typing out the first few letters of a city into the box located on the main page, you’ll be offered some suggestions for nearby airports and then you can select the most relevant one. This is where you can also enter your preferred times and other details for your flight. Be sure to specify if it would be round trip, one way or to multiple cities (click on the little circles above the area where you type in the airports).
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    Once you’ve entered all pertinent information regarding the flight you’d like to be on, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can see your options for possible airlines. You’ll notice that they list the amount of stops the particular airlines make and how much the tickets cost. Consider all of this data and allow it to help you come to an informed decision regarding which airline you’d like to use.
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    After you select a certain airline, will provide you with more information, such as departure and arrival times. You’ll also be able to see the total price of the ticket (including taxes and service fees).
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    When you select the flight that looks the most desirable to you, you’ll be able to double check them to make sure they’re really what you want. Analyze this information very carefully, as your tickets will be completely non-refundable once purchased.
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    If everything looks good, you’re ready to begin entering information about yourself, such as your name and billing information, and finalizing your order.


  • If you want to, you can save your information for the next time you book a flight with All you need to do is enter a password at the bottom of the page. It might be a good idea to write it down and keep it somewhere safe, along with the email address you entered earlier. You’ll need both of those for the next time you visit the website and want to use this feature.

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