How to Use a Wireless Router As a Wireless Card

This article is actually a description of how to set up a router! Stop here if you are trying to do something else and save 15 minutes of your life!

You are going to know how to use a wireless router as a wireless card. Well, wireless router and wireless cards mostly do the same job but different connections. A wireless router is a network device that performs the functions of a router but also includes the functions of a wireless access point. A wireless notebook card (also called a wireless adapter) is a hardware device designed for laptops that enables your laptop to access high-speed, wireless networking within range of the wireless card.


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    Set your router up. To use a wireless router as a wireless card, you first need your router set up. A wireless router let you share your broadband internet connection to all your computers, but you first need your router set up.
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    Make sure everything is unplugged. This includes all the cables including the power to your cable or DSL modem also make sure your router is unplugged as well. To do this, simply follow the following instructions.
    1. Remove the power plug from the modem, then pull the existing Ethernet cable out from the modem and plug it in to port #1 of the blue LAN port on the back of the router and leave the other end of Ethernet cord plugged in to your computer.
    2. Take the second Ethernet cable that came with your router and plug one end to any available port on your modem. Connect the other end of this Ethernet cable into the port labeled internet on your D-LINK router.
    3. Now you can reconnect the power supplied to your cable or DSL modem and wait at least 30 second for the modem to start up before continuing.
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    Now connect power to your D-LINK router and wait for at least 60 seconds for the router to power up. After waiting 60 seconds, you can check if the router is set up correctly by launching an internet browser and seeing if you can get to a website on the internet.
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    Try it again. If you see it’s not connected properly or if you can’t open a website, you should follow the same rules over again to see if you have missed any steps. And to insure all your cords are plugged in to the correct ports. Also another suggestion is to unplug your modem for at least 10 minutes and follow the steps again.
    • Using more Ethernet cables you can plug other computers into available ports on your router to share your broadband internet connection. Plug one end into available port on your modem. Plug other end into “internet” port on your router and reconnect power cord to your modem.
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    To choose your own name and password, follow the following rules. Open an internet explorer and in the address bar, put the IP address of your router. You will be popped into the device for the username and password. Once logged in to get to the menu. Click on the wireless tab on the left hand side of the opened page. The name on the top of the page is your wireless name which can be changed. Make sure to choose a name that you are fine with because it will be shown on the public when others search for wireless internet.
    • The web enables you choose a security code/password that so that no one is able to access your internet. Only the people who have the right key can access your internet connection. You can choose up to 26 character code so that no one else can use your connection.


  • If you have your router installed, you can connect as many laptops computers as you want, also you can connect more desktop computers with Ethernet cable through router. Also your neighbors and friends who do not have internet can use from your internet connection only if they have the right key to connect.


  • Choose your Code/Password wisely so no one guesses it. Anyone who uses your connection will be a cause for slowing your internet connection. Also you might get charged extra if you go over the limit which is not that much, depending on the plan you are on.
  • Keep in mind that when changing the wireless name, make sure that anyone who searches for the internet would see that name. If you don’t want your name to be shown in public, make sure to choose a name that you are interested in, so be careful of choosing a name that you are fine with because it will be shown on the public when others search for wireless internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Make sure you have all the right gear for the set up. You will need the following items.
    • One PC that’s your main computer
    • One modem “the device given to you by your internet provider. Which is typically connected via phone cord or a cable connected to the wall.
    • One D-Link Router will enable you to share your internet connection
    • And two Ethernet cables. Typically one is already connected from your modem to your computer and the other one come in the box with your router.

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