How to Use a Wiki

Wikis are websites you can edit, or change. Wikis are great because of this. Anyone can change the way a page looks, by changing, adding, and removing content with just a few simple clicks of a button. So why not get started?


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    Sign up for a wiki. There are many wiki's out there, Wikipedia, wikiHow, and Wikimedia Commons are just a few out there.
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    Learn the basic buttons of a wiki. Most wiki's have these buttons, "edit" "save" and "discuss".
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    Edit. The edit button "transforms" the page into an editor, like a word document. This page allows you to change the way text looks, change the content, and add or remove content. This button also goes along with the save button.
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    Save. You managed to edit the article. But now how do you "save" or keep your changes on the page? Click save! Save transforms the editor back into the web-page, but this time with the changes you made!
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    Discuss. You can "discuss" or comment on a page. Discuss is usually used to help give ideas for other editors, or give opinions on the page you viewed, without editing the actual page. You can also collaborate with other editors on things such as changing the title, or what needs to be added to the page.
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    Now that you have the basics down, it's time to explore the wiki(s) you choose to edit! Wiki's can be slightly different, find out what you can do with the wiki you edit!
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    Have fun. Editing wiki's can be an enjoyable pastime. Now that you know how to use one, start editing!


  • Some other buttons wikis may have:
    • Create. This creates/adds a new page to the wiki.
    • History. This allows you to view the edits people have made on the page since it has been created.
  • Don't be afraid to ask other editors for help! Usually beside their name, there is a link to their "talk" page, where you can leave a short message.


  • Don't vandalize, place spam, or post inappropriate content on a wiki. Most wikis can revert your edits anyway, and doing so is both rude and a waste of time.

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