How to Use a Weed Whacker

Weed whacking: the scourge of summer chores. If your yard is getting unruly, you might be dreading it, but with this article, weed whacking will be easier and less annoying.


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    Get the weed whacker ready to go. If you have a gas-powered device, check for gas. Electric, plug that bad boy up and make sure it won't come undone anytime soon.
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    Hold the weed whacker as close to the ground as possible, so as to find a comfortable position before you even turn it on.
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    Turn the weed whacker on, and start weeding, using a steady side to side motion, walking forward, leveling weeds,and continuing forward.
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    Move rocks away before weed whacking; the rocks will wear down your nylon cutting thread a lot quicker, and you'll have to replace it more frequently.
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    When you find that the weeds aren't being cut the instant you walk over them, pull more thread out for use. Some weed whackers have a button to press to access the roll of cutting thread,others you pull out manually.Get about six inches out, and continue the task.
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    Stop for a few minutes if you notice any kind of strain. Though it isn't exactly WWE material, the strain on your spine and arms will hurt for some days if you overdo it. If you have back problems,wear a brace.
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    Don't try to cut the weeds down to the ground with a weed whacker. If you do,you'll end up slicing dirt, wasting Nylon cord and your yard would look a mess. Cut the brush to a decent 2 inches (5.1 cm) off the ground,and if it needs to be totally leveled,break out a lawn mower to finish the job.


  • Cut at the bottom of the weed,and you'll go faster than turning a large plant into compost when it isn't necessary.
  • Avoid fencing,rocks, bricks or any other non-weed object; it will wear down the cord,and make replacing more frequent.
  • Though it may sound sissy to some to have to wear a back brace, the support a brace lends your spine saves much strain.


  • This is a power tool,in league with a wood chipper, chainsaw and John Deere tractor, and it is unwise to try to use it for anything other than what is is designed for.
  • Hold the weeder away from you; you'll cut your toes and legs. Do not go in water, you can electrocute yourself with an electric weed whacker, and you'll have the potential to poison the water with a gas powered weed whacker.

Things You'll Need

  • Pants. Preferably sturdy working jeans with no holes. The plants you will soon be massacring shoot little plant bits everywhere,and if your legs are unprotected,it feels like several thousand ants are crawling on you and biting. Sometimes the plants even draw blood by the sheer force of the weed whacker tossing them.
  • Gloves - fingerless, leather, it doesn't matter. By the time you're done,if you were without gloves,you won't be able to wiggle your pinky finger without pain. The weight of the weed whacker pulls on joints and can rub hands raw if they don't have some sort of protection.
  • Goggles - You can't whack with your eyes shut or while squinting because little plant pieces are flying in your face. One good shot in the eye will convince you safety glasses are a must.
  • Have plenty of fluids handy. Even if you think you won't become overheated, think again. You have to keep an oscillating nylon cord steady for quite a while.
  • Extra nylon cutting cord to replace a roll if you run out.
  • Power cord,unless you have a gas powered weed whacker. Then you need gas.
  • Rake for cleaning up.
  • If you're working in the sun, a hat.
  • Close-toed shoes.(The retaliating plant shard thing, it goes with the sturdy pants).
  • If you plan on working into twilight or later, bug spray and a light.

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