How to Use a Smartphone to Save Gas

If your smartphone is so smart, shouldn't it save you lots of money? One way to save money is to avoid driving. You'll save gas, wear and tear on your car, and quite possibly also time. Here's how.


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    Do errands remotely. You may be able to save a trip out, or you may be able to shorten your trip to just the places you really need to visit.
    • Call, text, email, or do business online.
    • Shop online or by phone.
    • If you do plan to visit a shop or restaurant, call ahead or search online to make sure they are open, that they have what you want, and that they can accommodate your group.
    • Make a reservation or appointment before you go, and add it to your calendar so you don't forget.
  2. 2
    Find alternate transportation.
    • Use your map program to find bicycle, walking, and transit routes.
    • Find ride shares and carpools, especially for longer trips or trips you do routinely.
    • Find charging stations for electrical vehicles.
    • Find alternate routes around traffic, or choose times of day to drive when traffic is lighter.
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    Track your mileage and fuel economy. Look at your records now and then, so you will see anything out of the ordinary.
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    Schedule vehicle maintenance and service. If there's one thing your smartphone is good at, it's reminding you to do things. If you need to know when it's been six months since the last oil change, put a reminder in your calendar or task app when you're thinking of it.
    • Add your mechanic's contact information to your phone, so you can schedule an appointment as soon as you're reminded.
    • Phone-scan receipts and records from maintenance, including any warranties or service contracts, so you'll have them at hand when you go in, and they'll all be in one place if you go to sell the car.
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    Find the best deals on gas. The best way to save on gas is to drive less, but when you do buy gas, you can use an app to find good prices on gas.
    • Be aware of how far you drive to get a great deal. Is it really worth the trip across town and your time to save a few cents?


  • It's not gas, but you can also reduce your vehicle expenses by shopping around for insurance, which you can also do with a smartphone.
  • See if a little extra thought will let you save not just on gas but on a car as well. If a little planning means you can do with a smaller car, or do with fewer cars than you now have, you could save much more than gas. If you need a larger or additional vehicle only occasionally, consider renting one only when you need it.


  • Don't use your phone while driving. Pull off and stop in a safe place.

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