How to Use a Smartboard

Electronic whiteboards, also known as smart boards, are becoming present in classrooms and boardrooms and are replacing the well-known whiteboard. Smart board technology is similar to combining touch screen technology and whiteboard markers. It is connected to a computer and provides interactive technology. Rather than just displaying information, smart boards have the capability of saving your work and sending it to other computers. You can even access information online with the touch of a finger.


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    Turn on your computer and your Smart Board. If this is your first use, or if the Smart Board has been recently moved, you will need to do a calibration.
    • To calibrate the Smart Board, press the keyboard and right mouse button at the same time. An icon will appear in the upper-left area of the screen. Touch this icon with a Smart Board pen or your finger. Repeat every time you see the icon until calibration is complete.
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    Use your fingers to operate the Smart Board.
    • Touch your finger once on the screen to mimic a left mouse click.
    • Press and hold your finger on a spot on the board for a right mouse click.
    • Click and drag with your finger to move an object on the screen to another location.
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    Write on the smart board using the smart board pens. These come in various colors, but the board will only remember the last color used. Do anything you would normally do on a whiteboard: draw, write or annotate.
    • To erase items on the smart board, first replace the pens in the tray. Use the board eraser as you would a normal one.
    • You can clear all the writing at one time by touching the board and selecting "Clear Ink."
    • You can also draw a circle around the writing with the eraser and tap in the middle of the circle to erase everything.
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    Save your work to the smart board by touching the board and selecting "Save Ink." Your notes will be saved in the SMART Notebook. Select File and Save to complete the process.
    • You can also click on the camera which appears in the top right corner.
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    Clean the smart board using an alcohol free window cleaner. Use a soft, clean cloth and do not spray directly on the smart board. Alcohol free wipes may also be used.


  • The SMART Exchange website is a wonderful resource for ideas on smart board lessons for educators.
  • Practice using the smart board prior to your first presentation.
  • Make sure to close your personal information and email. You don't want your students eavesdropping!
  • Consider purchasing a wireless adapter for your smart board to eliminate tripping hazards.
  • Research the various additional buttons and tools that can be used with your smart board. Click on the software's help section to select appropriate tools.

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