How to Use a Silverware Organizer for Makeup

Three Methods:Evaluate Your MakeupSize Up Your SpaceChoose Your Organizational System

If you find that you're constantly digging through your makeup bag, trying to find the right eyeliner or lipstick, create an organizational system that will keep everything in check. Using a simple silverware organizational system for your makeup will allow you to divide your goods, while being able to see exactly what you own.

Method 1
Evaluate Your Makeup

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    Sift through your current makeup stash to determine what you want to keep.
    • Throw away old makeup or replenish your favorite brands. After a year, old makeup can harbor bacteria, which could cause breakouts or even eye problems.
    • Ditch outdated makeup. Loved that bright red lipstick when you bought it but now see it as a bad idea? Time to purge the old so you can make room for the new.
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    Categorize makeup into piles. Before you determine which kind of silverware organizer you will need you should identify how much makeup you currently own. categorize piles of eyeshadow, blush and other items so you can see exactly what you own.
    • Consider whether you want to include make up tools in your organizational system. Tweezers and brushes could be added to your organizational system if you have room.
    • Determine if you should divide makeup into seasons or times. If you own a tremendous amount of makeup and have certain makeup you like to use for fall or the evening, consider taking your organization further by separating looks or seasons.

Method 2
Size Up Your Space

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    Measure your drawer space. The most effective way to add an organizational system is to determine where it should be housed.
    • Can you fit all the makeup inside a silverware organizational system comfortably inside a bathroom drawer?
    • Take drawer measurements and then decide if a drawer will be the best place for your makeup. In some cases, one or two drawers can hold all your make up. However, if you have a lot, you may need to resort to setting up your organizational system on the counter or in the closet.
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    Find a silverware organizational system that fits your measurements. Take the measurements to the storage or kitchenware store to find a system that fits your needs.
    • Consider organizational height in addition to width and length. If you're dealing with a narrow drawer space, you will need to be able to close the drawer once the organizer is placed inside the drawer.
    • Determine how you’d like to organize your makeup. Do you want to keep your large collection of eye shadow in a larger area in one drawer and lipstick in another? The amount of makeup will also dictate what you purchase.

Method 3
Choose Your Organizational System

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    Select a silverware organizer that fits both your space and the amount of makeup you own. This may be tricky as you may need to test drive a few systems until you find the ideal one.
    • Consider purchasing two or three organizers to test drive at home. You may need to see the actual organizer in your drawer or space with the makeup in order to determine if it's a right fit. Be sure you can return the other organizers you don’t plan to use (or use them for something else in the house).
    • Determine how you’d like the organizer to be divided. The typical silverware organizer may have long slots for knives, forks and spoons, however other silverware organizers may have different sized compartments.
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    Consider whether organizer appearance is important. For some, having an organizer of any material and color is unimportant, whereas for others having an organizer that matches the bathroom decor is imperative.
    • Determine if a certain material works best for you. In some cases, a mesh silverware organizer is best because debris is not readily trapped on the bottom.
    • Decide how visible the organizer will be. If you plan to stash the organizer away inside a drawer or the closet, you may not care what it looks like.
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    Decide how many organizers you will ultimately need. Will one silverware organizer do the trick? Or perhaps you need multiple organizers?
    • Label each section to cut down on clutter and crowding. Keep everything in line and reduce the need for multiple organizers by using a labeling system inside each area.
    • Consider keeping makeup you typically use in another location (until needed) and only use the organizer for daily use.


  • Consider using a hanging silverware holder for brushes and other items to hang either inside your medicine or bathroom cabinet.
  • Clean out silverware organizer often to avoid mess from residual makeup.

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