How to Use a Projector to Liven up a Graduation Party

If you're planning a graduation party this year, consider all the fun ways you can use a rental projector to liven up your celebration.


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    Photo Montage. Showcase the funniest, sweetest, most memorable moments in life with a cool photo montage set to current music. Friends and family will laugh, get teary-eyed and "aw" together as everyone shares this trip down memory lane.
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    Video Montage. Does your family or grad prefer to shoot video over stills? If so, a video montage -- peppered with best movie lines and favorite scenes -- is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. As an added touch, you might consider burning extra copies of the montage DVD to give to guests as party favors.
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    Graduation Film Fest. "Say Anything," "American Graffiti," "There's Something about Mary" and "American Pie" are just a few of the most memorable films about high school and beyond. If your grad is a movie buff, this is a great way to enjoy a rental projector over graduation weekend.
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    Wii Party. Nothing brings friends together quite like a little competition. Imagine adding that extra element of fun to your party with larger-than-life projection with your favorite gaming system. Rental projectors work seamlessly with Wii, XBOX, Guitar Hero and more.
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    Mood Enhancer. Whether your party aims to be low-key casual or more of a dance floor party, big-screen projection can set the mood for romance, laughter, music videos, and more.
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    Special Thank-You to Mom & Dad. Let's face it -- your parents have given a lot for you to get to this point! Why not surprise them with a special video thank-you (or a separate photo montage)? They'll love you even more for your thoughtfulness (and you might just get an even better graduation gift).
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    A Parent's Wish. Sure, what kid doesn't want a car or a killer graduation party when they finish high school? But think about what means the most for years to come...your unconditional love and support. Record a video or set images to music in a short "parent's wish" -- say what you've always wanted your child to know: you love them, you are proud of them, and you wish them every joy and happiness in life. Sure beats the heck out of a Hallmark card!
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    Thank a Teacher. Got a favorite teacher? One who's gone the extra mile to help ensure your success? Maybe a certain teacher recognized and encouraged a hidden talent, went to bat for you with school administration or a college board, or invested the extra time and attention needed to ensure the student didn't give up when the going got tough. Celebrate that teacher in living color with a video thank you or photo montage, displayed at the school graduation, graduation party, or other celebration.
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    Rock Videos. When the big day arrives, some grads don't want to talk, reminisce or even play video games -- they just want to dance, dance, dance. Sure, you could hire a DJ, but wouldn't it be even more fun to showcase favorite songs in all their rock video glory? All it takes is a rental projector and a huge blank wall to get the party started.
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    Karaoke. Many rental projectors are compatible with karaoke machines and other kinds of karaoke fun. After graduation, everyone deserves to cut loose and have some fun!


  • If you're planning your own graduation party, share parts of this post with Mom and Dad so they can see all the cool and fun ways you can take advantage of a rental projector.
  • You can use one, some or all of these ideas to make a graduation celebration truly memorable.
  • If you're planning a high school graduation party for your teen, be sure to get input from the grad.

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