How to Use a Pogo Stick

Three Parts:Being SafeJumping on the Pogo StickDoing Tricks

Jumping on a pogo stick is fun and different from the usual bike or skateboard riding. At first it can be challenging to use a pogo stick but with a little practice you will be able to use it with ease and maybe even learn tricks.

Part 1
Being Safe

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    Check to make sure the pogo stick is safe. Check the pogo stick for loose parts before you get on. Make sure that everything is secured and fastened properly. You don’t want an important piece to fall off while you are jumping. [1]
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    Wear a helmet. Always wear safety gear before you get on a pogo stick, especially a helmet. Also make sure to wear elbow pads and knee pads.
    • Always wear shoes that lace up and have rubber soles. Never use a pogo stick barefoot or in sandals. Make sure your laces are properly tied and far from the springs. [2]
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    Get the correct size pogo stick. If you are below 5’5” use a pogo stick that is 46 inches. Use a pogo stick that is at least 51 inches if you are between 5’6” and 5’11.” If you are 6” or taller make sure to use a pogo stick that is at least 56 inches. [3]
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    Avoid uneven ground such as grass or dirt. Your pogo stick could get stuck in the ground and you could fall. Don’t use the pogo stick in traffic or in the middle of the street. Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for pedestrians, cars, bikers, skate boarders, and skaters. [4]
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    Learn to balance. If you struggle to balance you can practice your balance off the pogo stick. Use a balance board before you get on to work on not falling. This will help you learn to keep control of the pogo stick once you get on.
    • Stand in a split stance on the board and try to keep the board still.
    • Try putting your feet with one foot in front of the other then slowly rock the board back and forth very controlled.
    • Put your feet side to side. Slowly and controlled tilt the board from one foot to the other. [5]

Part 2
Jumping on the Pogo Stick

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    Get on the pogo stick. Put the pogo stick vertical and place one foot on the foot rest. Hold on to the handle bars and put your other foot on the pogo stick. Try not to put all your weight on one foot as you get on or you might fall over. [6]
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    Start jumping. So you don’t lose you balance, immediately start jumping on the pogo stick when you get both feet on. Jump towards the pedals, not away from you. Keep your arms on the handle bars and use them to stay steady and keep your balance. Keep the pogo stick close to you, don’t push it forward. You will have trouble bouncing and you might break your stick. [7]
    • Try just doing one or two bounces at first then get off. This will give you the feel for the pogo stick.[8]
    • Don’t jump too high. If you jump high you could lose control of the pogo stick and fall. Only jump high enough to be bouncing up and down slightly off the ground. [9]
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    Lean in the opposite direction of the way you tip. If you start to fall over in one direction, lean your body away from how you are falling. Don’t lean too hard or you might fall over in that direction or you could start going in circles. [10]

Part 3
Doing Tricks

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    Don’t do anything you aren’t ready to do. You might have seen people online or friends doing stunts with pogo sticks. Only do what you are comfortable doing and don’t do anything you are not ready to try. Make sure you can do regular jumping with ease before you attempt any tricks. [11]
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    Jump with one foot. Once you have control of your pogo stick, you can try jumping with one foot. Start jumping how you normally would. When you have a good rhythm going, take the foot off the pogo stick that is not dominate. (If you are right footed, take off your left foot). Lean to the side of the pogo stick that does not have a foot on it to try to center yourself perfectly.
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    Jump with no hands. To jump without any hands, start jumping how you would normally jump. Then, use your knees to get a good grip on the pogo stick. Slowly take your hands off of the pogo stick handles. Make sure to continue to jump, securing the pogo stick with your knees and using your knees to pull the pogo stick up.
    • Once you start jumping with no hands have somebody give you a ball. You can use a basketball and shoot it in a basket while you are on the pogo stick.


  • Practice each step until you get it perfect.
  • Wear shoes when pogoing as it could hurt your feet.
  • If you feel unsteady stop and try again.
  • If you can't find your balance, step off then try again.


  • Make sure you have a lot of room.
  • Stay on a hard surface.
  • Wear safety gear in case you fall.
  • If you get dizzy stop, and take a 5-minute break.

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