How to Use a Laptop for School

If you're the type of student with messy handwriting or have problems with organization, bringing a laptop to school may be advisable. This article will explain what you need to know about using a laptop for school and caring for it.


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    Find out if your school allows students to bring and use laptops. Ask the principal if you'd be permitted to use the laptop in class (with permission from your teachers as well), and keep in mind they may not allow you to use the internet or play games on the laptop during class time.
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    Visit your local electronics retailer (Best Buy, Radio Shack, Office Depot, Mac Store, etc.) or go online and shop for a laptop. Find one that you like, and make sure it fits into your desired price range. Avoid spending more than $2,000 on a laptop as it probably has more features than you really need for school. Also, try purchasing a lightweight laptop so it will be easier to carry. And be sure the screen is large enough for you to read off of it clearly!
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    Understand the differences between a Windows, Mac, and Linux laptop. The price, quality, size, file storage, and other factors will vary between the three major operating systems. Consider using the Linux operating system for improved speed, security, and price (it's free).
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    Purchase any version of the Mac or Microsoft Office software and install it on the laptop. Alternatively, download and install free word processing software such as LibreOffice or Kingsoft Office. Taking notes in class using Notepad is far from the quality you'll get by using Word or LibreOffice. Make sure you have internet access for research.
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    Create an account for yourself. Choose a password that's easy for you to remember but not so easy that anyone could guess it (such as the name of the school, or the year you were born). A password containing a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols is best.
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    If you've gotten permission from the administration, take your laptop to school and use it for class notes, test reminders, research, etc.


  • Try shopping for a laptop around the holidays (Christmas, New Year's, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) for the best deals and bargains.
  • You may be asked to print out and share your typed notes with the teacher or other students in the class. After all, your writing is now the best!
  • Print out all notes or other important files before they're due. You can't just simply hand them in as if you had written them by hand. Make sure you've printed them out and checked for spelling errors before they're due.


  • Avoid letting your friends or classmates use the laptop at school.They could accidentally delete an important document or get in trouble for using the Internet.
  • This goes without saying, but avoid eating or drinking anything while using the laptop!
  • Don't use the Internet or play games on your laptop unless you've gotten permission from a teacher or principal. You could land yourself in a lot of trouble this way.

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