How to Use a Dead Christmas Tree

Christmas is over and the tree is shedding needles. In fact, the tree is dead. What to do? Here are some quick and easy suggestions for using a dead Christmas tree.


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    Have it recycled. Councils or local municipalities in many regions collect dead Christmas trees and turn them into garden mulch. If you don't already live somewhere that does this as a matter of course, ring your local council and ask for details on pick-up. Ask them to start a service to collect Christmas trees if they don't have one yet.
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    Use the tree for kindling. If you have an open fireplace and room to cut a tree, Christmas tree wood makes ideal kindling. The tree has already dried in your home, so it is in excellent condition and just needs cutting into manageable pieces. A good weekend afternoon task and there will be no need to buy kindling for all winter.
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    Make your own mulch. If you don't have a council to do the mulching, do it yourself. Get a group of neighbours together and share the costs of hiring a mulcher. The whole street can get rid of its Christmas trees and get the added benefit of terrific mulch for the garden. Bag the mulch if you cannot use the mulch straight away and store in a garage or basement.
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    Send it back to its seller. Some of the large commercial tree farms will take the tree back for you. Give them a call to ask about pick-up and delivery.


  • Take care cleaning up the needles; small hand-held vacuums are best as they can be emptied easily and do not get stuck in the grooves of an upright vacuum cleaner or clog up the pipe of a pull-along vacuum cleaner. If you have clogged up your vacuum cleaner, empty it and work on it in an area away from carpet and spread out many newspapers to catch the needles as you unclog the machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Dead Christmas tree
  • Mulcher to make mulch
  • Axe to make kindling
  • Storage space for kindling or mulch

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