How to Use a Cartomizer

Three Parts:Buying the SuppliesFilling Your CartomizerVaping and Maintaining Your Cartomizer

A cartomizer is one choice of e-cigarette. If you’re interested in moving from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, a cartomizer might be a good option for you. Like other e-cigarettes, it provides the nicotine that you crave, but without the smoke. Keep in mind, however, that there are not conclusive studies yet about the benefits or harms of e-cigarettes.[1] Please be aware that this content is aimed at those 18 and older.

Part 1
Buying the Supplies

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    Go to a smoke shop. Talk to the salesperson to get a sense of which product would work best for you. Keep in mind that buying a starter kit with all of the relevant products, including a charger, might be a good way to start -- these start at around $20 and go up from there. If you just want to buy the parts, it could be much cheaper -- cartomizers can run less than $5, and then you purchase the juice in a variety of flavors starting at less than $5.[2]
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    Choose your cartomizer. A cartomizer is only one of a few different choices if you’re interested in using an e-cigarette. Cartomizers were developed to simplify the e-cigarette product, so they don’t have many pieces. They take more liquid than other products, and usually have a longer battery life. Keep in mind that they can often be fragile and typically last 1-2 weeks. [3]
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    Buy the E-Liquid. Talk to the salesperson and see what they have in stock, and what they would recommend for a beginning user. Keep in mind that the liquid comes in an array of flavors and amounts of nicotine. You will probably need to try a few different ones to figure out which one you like the best.[4]

Part 2
Filling Your Cartomizer

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    Unwrap your Cartomizer. Familiarize yourself with its design. Remove the rubber ends.
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    Remove the circular plug. These are typically white or clear. In the center of each plug is a tiny hole, which you need to pop out. Once done, you will be able to see polyfill material when you look down into your cartomizer now.
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    Remove the cap to your E-Liquid. Proceed to add 20-25 drops of E-Liquid down into the Cartomizer. Keep count as you do this to avoid overfilling.
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    Allow the cartomizer to set for a minute or two. This will allow the liquid inside to saturate the filling and prime it for vaping. It will help you to avoid burning out your tip. The tip must be wet enough, so let it saturate for the full amount of time.
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    Insert the plug. You could choose to put the one with the hole you removed back in. Another option would be a “drip tip,” which would take the place of plugs.
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    Attach the pieces. Rotate the cartomizer onto the threading of your electronic smoking device or vaporizer. Tighten the pieces together.

Part 3
Vaping and Maintaining Your Cartomizer

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    Use the cartomizer. Put the cartomizer between your lips. Hold down the button or switch for a moment. Proceed to vape as desired.[5]
    • You don't have to inhale as forcefully with a cartomizer as you would with a traditional cigarette.[6]
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    Refill your cartomizer. When your juice runs low, you will need to refill. Keep in mind that when your tips need more E-Liquid after the initial fill, each cartomizer can be refilled with an estimated 10-15 drops as needed.
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    Replace the cartomizer. Most will only last 1-2 weeks, so purchasing a cartomizer will be a constant expense. With your new cartomizer, follow the instructions for filling, and enjoy!


  • Never use a Cartomizer or any Electronic Smoking Tip when it is too dry. You could ruin the tip by burning it out.
  • Keep all supplies away from pets/children.

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