How to Upload CDs to a Zune

When you decide you want to add CDs to your Zune, follow these easy steps and you can enjoy your favorite music in no time!


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    When you are at your computer's desktop, put in the CD and plug in the Zune to the USB input. The USB input is found along the sides or on the back of the computer.
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    The Zune logo will appear on your screen, and then the Zune homepage. Usually, the page that loads is the "quickplay" screen.
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    The "Disk" tab should be the last tab in the top left corner of the screen. Click it, and your disk's title and track names should appear.
    • If the names of the songs don't show, or if all tracks are "unknown," right mouse click on each of the tracks and rename them.
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    Click "Start Rip." It will take a while to upload the CD to your Zune collection.
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    When it is done, click the "Collection" tab. Find the CD in your collection, and then click and drag it to the little Zune icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • There will also be a little CD icon in the corner as well. Don't drag it to this icon unless you wish to create a burn list.
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    If you want to watch your CD sync to your Zune, click the "Device" tab. When it shows "Sync Complete," your CD should be finished loading onto your Zune, ready for you to enjoy!


  • You can add your favorite CDs to your "now playing" playlist, so all your favorite songs are in one central area.


  • Some CDs will ultimately show up on your Zune as "Unknown Album." If you renamed the songs on the CD, it should be easy to find the song you're looking for.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Zune Software (Must be Uploaded onto Computer)
  • Zune
  • Zune USB Input Cable (a.k.a your Charger)

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