How to Update Your Look

Are you dressing more like your grandmother than your peers? Is your style trapped in a bygone fashion era? If you'd like to fast forward your closet into the 21st century, some suggestions are presented here.


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    Study fashion over time. Understand how popular fashion has evolved over the last several decades. If you're looking to update your look, you probably found a style you liked in a particular era and never bothered to change with the times. Which era would describe your wardrobe?
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    Read fashion magazines. They can be found at any bookstore. Typically, they have a beautiful, well-dressed model or celebrity on the front cover. Pick one up and flip through it observantly. Times have changed, huh?
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    Look at what celebrities are wearing. Celebrities often double as fashion icons, prancing around in the latest fashions. Don't waste times on seeing what celebrities wear to major formal events (an expensive gown won't necessarily update your look). Instead, try to find out what they're wearing on a day-to-day basis.
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    Mix and match. You don't have to throw out every piece of clothing to update your look. There are some things that never go out of style(cardigans, blouses, fitted t-shirts) and some things that might be back in style (e.g. bell bottom jeans--those with flared legs--were big in the 70s, then fell out of favor during the 80s, and returned, though not as dramatically, in the 90s and have been lingering ever since).A lot of people favor the skinny jeans these days. The key to updating your look is knowing the difference. Plus, there are certain things that are out and that you should never wear again, if you want to have an updated look (e.g. tie dye).
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    Update your hairstyle. These days, almost anything goes. Just remember to go with a haircut that accents your face, and a color that makes your skin glow and pop. Remember to be upfront with the hairdresser. A silent client could end up regretting the change.
    • Match your flowy twenties styled shirt, with skinny jeans and maybe 80s army boots. You can wear a shag hair cut, and carry a leather messenger bag.
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    Looking at Teen Vogue actually can help. They are big on decades flashbacks. You'll find everything from Victorian twist to Electric Funk.
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    Vary your wardrobe.
    • Have sufficient casual wear for errands.
    • Have work wear that can also be worn at a special event.
    • Have a few outfits for evening wear.
    • Change work wear to casual wear when it's out of style.
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    Make a list. List all possible outfits, including accessories.
    • Layering clothes will extend your wardrobe.
    • Black and navy should go well with everything and are always in fashion.
    • Skirts with a slight flare and gathering are a good choice.
    • Pants with a slightly flared leg are a good choice.
    • Clothes that are too narrow or too wide may be out of style.
    • Ballet flats or shoes with a slight heel go well with everything.
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    Make old clothes new.
    • Modify something that is slightly stylish into something you'll enjoy wearing. Add lace, embroidery or beads.
    • Find classic, simple sewing patterns. Make smaller tops, skirts or pants. Try a halter top with capris.
    • Sew simple accessories needed to complete an outfit. Try a headband, fabric belt, fun purse or tote bag.
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    Go shopping.
    • Buy something only if it's exceptional. Take time to think it over.
    • Complete your classic wardrobe, but add a few current styles.
    • Keep certain fabrics in mind to recycle them at a later time.
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    Accentuate your assets. Enhance the color of your eyes or hair, your skin tone and physique.
    • Choose two or three colors that are easy to mix and match.
    • Clothes should follow the contour of your body.
    • Clothes should glide over your body whether sitting or standing.
    • Generally, we increase in size as we age. Purchase a larger size.

      • Wear a belt with a large top or dress.
      • Wear a large top over a smaller top.
      • Take the side seams in temporarily.
      • Look for slimming lines, such as a v-neck or empire waist.
      • Shades of the same color are slimming.
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    Organize your closet.
    • Place tops, skirts and pants in their own section.
    • Sort everything by color. Place your blue tops together. Place your black pants together.
    • Keep your list of outfits in a handy place.


  • Updating your look doesn't require dressing down. It doesn't mean looking sexier (unless you want it to). It means throwing away those ratty nun shoes your Aunt Bertha gave you and replacing them with sleek, black sneakers that serve the same purpose without compromising your look.

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