How to Update Torch

Torch is a neat web browser that integrates video and audio downloading via streaming, a BitTorrent client, and social features. If you are familiar with the Chrome browser, then you will feel at home with Torch since it is based on Google Chrome, or rather the open-source project called Chromium. To keep up with new features and such, you will need to update the Torch browser. Torch does have an auto-update feature built-in, but if for some reason it does not run accordingly, scroll down to step 1 learn how to download the latest version of Torch.


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    Go to
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    Download Torch. Click the green “Torch Free Download” button at the left side of the screen. The Download File window will appear.
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    Click “Save” on the Download File window.
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    Open the download file. Open the Download window by clicking TorchSetup.exe file at the down-left corner of your browser.
    • Once you clicked the file, an Open File notice will appear.
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    Click the “Run” button on the Open File notice window. The initial setup page will show.
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    Click “Next” on the first setup page. The installer will download the installation files.
    • Once the download is complete, the installer will automatically install Torch, so just sit back and relax.
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    Click on “Finish once the download bar is full.
    • You just installed the and updated to the latest version of Torch browser.

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