How to Two Step Mosh

'Two stepping' is a form of hardcore dancing that can be seen at any hardcore show. It can have many names such as two step moshing, hxc two step, or simply a two step. This guide can teach you how to properly perform these moves, and the time and place for which they should be used. - *NOTE* Two stepping bears absolutely no resemblance to this >>> + - Don't be confused


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    Start with feet about shoulder width apart.
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    Kick left foot in front of you, not too hard, as if you were trying to kick someone's shin/ankles.
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    As you kick, bring your left foot over in front of your right foot which is still on the ground, like you are trying to trip yourself.
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    As the left foot comes around, hop off of the right foot, and land with your left foot approx where the right foot was.
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    As the LEFT foot lands, bring your right foot up and kick as you did with the left.
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    After you kick with the right foot, your right foot should cross over to the left side.
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    You should land with your right foot at about where your left foot would normally be.
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    As your right foot comes down to land, you should do another little hop and repeat steps 4-10 over and over.
    • Note: this is the most basic of two steps, for beginners. Many things can be added to this simple move, such as swinging the arms, higher kicks, faster feet moves, lower the body and such. It would be advisable to practice this before you attempt it in a pit. It should become very natural over time.
    • It can also vary in different cities, also why it would be good to know the scene first.

Things You'll Need

  • Good shoes that won't fly off or slip
  • Fitting clothes that won't fall off as you hop.
  • Good friends to have your back
  • Knowledge of the scene

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