How to Turn Your Passion into Your Profession

Are you still wondering what you want to be when you grow up? Are you already in your 20's, 30's, 40's...50's? I meet with individuals daily who are still searching, or have finally determined to reach for their true passion. Passion is the key.


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    Figure out what your passion is.
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    Go back to your childhood playtime.
    • Did you like to dream up creations in the kitchen and serve your friends and family your special dishes?
    • Did you turn your backyard into little freeways for your toy cars and trucks?
    • Did you go through your family's closets and look at clothes, shoes, try them on?
    • Or, maybe you got interested in moving furniture around, changing your room, putting up pictures.
    • Do you have fond memories of hanging out with Dad in the garage working with tools, looking under the hood of the car and getting your hands dirty?
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    Think about what you enjoyed doing and what made you happy as a child. That is where you will find your passion!
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    Once you reconnect with your passion, you can start researching opportunities related to your passion.
    • For example:
      • The family closets: Fashion Design and Merchandising, Opening up a thrift store.
      • Rearranging the rooms, hanging up pictures: Interior Design, Working in a fabric store, a furniture store, an art gallery.
      • Helping Dad in the garage: Mechanic, Hardware store, Construction, Towing service, Carpenter/Cabinet maker.
      • Freeways in the backyard: Police officer, Highway patrol, Department of Transportation, Driver
      • Cooking for your friends and family: Chef, Baker, Hospitality, Restaurant.


  • These are just some ideas to get you started. Talk to your friends and family about what they see in you. Share with them your thoughts and ideas and memories. The more you talk it out, the more real it will become. Your passion will begin to have movement into a plan, a journey--a profession--a career!

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