How to Turn Your House Into a Winter Wonderland

It's time to get your house ready for the winter season and holidays! Get out your boxes of decorations in the attic, and get going! Turn your house into a winter wonderland, perfect for this time of year. No idea where to start? Looking for creative ideas? Searching for different decorations? No problem. This how-to guide has it all.


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    Decorate the Christmas tree. Stick to a white theme, which includes spraying fake snow; stringing clear lights around; and white, glass, and silver ornaments, icicles, and snowflakes. White, silver, or pale blue garlands may be wrapped around the tree too. You may even have a white tree, although the traditional green is still a great choice. Also add decorative items such as red berries, birds (doves), and bird nests in the branches.
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    Embellish your dinner table. Place a white tablecloth over the table. Add small decorations above it, such as doves, silver bells, and pine cones. You may also "sprinkle" tiny decorations of these. Add a glowing warm light with white or silver candles in candle holders. Optionally, spray the holders with crystal frost. Don't forget a marvelous centerpiece for the table.
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    Cover your walls. You may cover it with a winter-themed wallpaper, or simply scatter snowflake decorations all around. Hang some framed pictures related to winter.
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    Add greenery around. Green garland may be decorated around. It can be used as curtain tie-backs, draping it on the top of the window, and across the table edges. Small red berries dotted on it may make it more appealing.
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    Wrap empty boxes with gift wrap paper. Keep it white-themed with the colors white, silver, and pale blue. Then tie colorful ribbons around it, and put them all over the house, as well as under the Christmas tree.
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    Decorate the fireplace. If you don't have one, you can purchase a fake decorative one. Hang stockings on it, and line the top with green garland. Photos, art paintings, and greeting cards may be placed on top of the fireplace, along with some plants. Add battery-lit candles around for a brighter and warm feel.


  • Hang small icicles from the ceiling for an icy feel.
  • Hang paper snowflakes at the ceiling for them to hang down.
  • White and green wreaths are beautiful to hang at the doors.
  • If there is a staircase, attach a garland to the railings. Spray some crystal frost too.
  • Add small battery-powered candles around the house. This would add a warm touch to it!
  • Additional trees around the house will give it an enchanted forest-like feeling.
  • Make a paper garland to wrap around the Christmas tree instead.
  • White roses will be pretty flowers for your home. Have a bouquet of them or put individual ones around.


  • Don't overcrowd your home. It may appear too "loud" with so many things going on. Simplicity is best.
  • Avoid using real candles with flames as that may start a fire. Stick to the battery-powered ones.

Things You'll Need

  • Christmas tree
  • Cans of spray snow
  • Christmas lights (clear)
  • Ornaments (white, glass, silver)
  • Various winter decorations
  • White or silver candles
  • Candle holders
  • Crystal frost
  • Empty boxes
  • Gift-wrapping paper
  • Colorful ribbon

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