How to Turn a Nightmare Into a Good Dream

Are you tired of having bad dreams? Do you want to get over your fears and have good dreams for once? Well this guide should help you turn nightmares into good dreams that you'll remember!


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    Look around you. What is scaring you? Could it be Freddy or Jason? Some scary horror movie character? Realize what you are afraid of.
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    Realize that anything that is threatening you in your dream can't actually hurt you. You have the power to stop them.
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    Take action. Say to the threatening creature, "You're not real!" or "You can't hurt me!" Smile at them proudly and they will disappear. You have gotten rid of your fears!
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    Understand that for you to turn things around and make your dream the way you want it to, bring anything into your dream that you want. Remember, this isn't real life, this world is in your mind, so you can make your dream into anything you want it to be if you really want to!
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    Think about something that makes you happy. For example, if you want to say hi to your best friend, you can. Say your best friend's name is Rose. Say her name. She should appear in your dream!
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    Do whatever you want to in your dream. Watch TV, go to your friend's house, even jump off of a high surface and fly if you want an adventurous dream!
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    Tell other people you know who have been having nightmares lately if you wish. You may be able to help them!


  • Bring in happy things to your dreams.
  • If you love to go swimming, or you just love the water, imagine a river or swimming pool, it may appear in front of you! If you're already at one of these areas, great! You're at a good start! Be sure to have good confidence. Go underwater for a few minutes. You should be able to breathe underwater! Clear water usually works best.
  • Another method is imagining your favorite Video Game characters (such as Link, Samus, Aran, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Princess Zelda, Waluigi, etc) to appear in the dream to assist you. You don't have to do this with superheroes, though. Imagining your mother or Chuck Norris giving the hideous apparition a solid thrashing can work just as well, if you so please.
  • If you are at an area where you can do flips, a trampoline, for example, doing flips will be much easier for you since you are in a dream! There seems to be less gravity in dreams in many circumstances! You can even fly if you jump high or off a tall building.


  • Be careful when jumping off high buildings, if you fall and crash to the ground, it most likely won't hurt but you could wake up with a strange feeling. Be sure to have confidence in a dream when jumping or flying, this will increase your chances of having a good outcome when coming down to the ground.

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