How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Hot

So you weren't born with the face of Scarlett Johansson or Johnny Depp. So what? Being nice to look at is only part of the equation—and one that fades with time. There are hundreds of things you can do to enhance your appearance and not just look hot, but be hot. We'll show you some things you can do that will make you look stereotypically hot on the outside, and some suggestions to be genuinely hot inside and out.


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    Do your homework. Take a look at people you think are "hot," and note three to six things that make them seem hot. It could be a physical feature (the eyes, the hair) or it could be something they do (the way they walk). Are any of their little tricks ones that you feel you could adapt and use too? If so, adopt them—they will improve as you practice and become part of your style too.
    • Be careful of becoming a caricature. If you try to adopt somebody's signature look—say, coloring your hair and dressing like the latest popstar confection—people will think "popstar wannabe," not "wow, now that's hot!"
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    Grow into role. Remember, the goal here is to be sexually attractive, and that takes some work. Maintain your appearance, learn and maintain good posture, keep your clothes free from "wardrobe malfunctions," (especially if you're on the risk edge of dressing sexily).
    • Don't make it obvious that you're checking yourself out—that comes across as vain or narcissistic. Be discreet. The important thing is to keep up your appearance of hotness for as much time as possible while you're out and about.
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    Fake it till you make it. This is a common tip that covers a broad range of activities, from sports to music to hotness. Being considered hot doesn't mean just looking hot, it actually means you need to be hot, and who you are and how you act has almost everything to do with it! If you don't feel hot, there's an easy way around that: visualize your own hotness.
    • Carry yourself the way hot people do. They don't slouch, or sit in the corner with their arms crossed. They stand up straight. They make animated gestures with their hands. They smile and laugh a lot. That all stems from one key ingredient of hotness: confidence. There is nothing more attractive than confidence, whether you're a man or a woman.
    • Be larger than life. The reason hot people are called "hot" is because of the implication of heat, fire - not just an allusion to sexual energy, but also being passionate and lively in general. Be willing and able to speak your mind, but do it wisely. This requires a modicum of intelligence and the willingness and ability to learn. It is said that it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and erase any doubt.
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    Groom yourself well. In addition to fitness, looking like you just don't care about yourself is not hot. Externally, that's obvious. Internally, if you don't care about your appearance, it indicates that you don't have much in the way of self esteem or confidence—traits that are not attractive in the short run, nor are they attractive in the long run. What can you do?
    • Wax or trim your eyebrows, and everything else that looks untidy. Get rid of that unibrow, wax away the upper lip hair, pluck the chin hair, shave your legs, and basically get rid of any hair you can stand to part with except the hair on your head.
    • Modern standards of beauty lean towards overall having no body hair. It helps create the whole smooth-skin look and also makes you look more polished and clean-cut.
    • Don't take it so far, though, that you have to draw on your eyebrows. That's where hot turns into trashy.
    • We all have different facial structures, features we love, and features we hate. Highlight those features that work, and downplay the ones that don't. Applying the right amount of makeup in the right places will do wonders. If you doubt the truth of this, just Google "stars with no makeup," and see how truly ordinary even the hottest of the hot look without makeup. Then understand that hotness mostly radiates from the inside.
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    Shape up. Hit the gym, go tanning, and get your laundry done. This trifecta will not make you a better human being, but will be a step towards "hotness." After all, "hotness" is simply shorthand for being sexually desirable, and being physically attractive is what most people look at—initially.
    • Working out regularly pays big dividends. Is it shallow that we judge others by looks? Of course it is! However, the first thing people see is the "surface" you, so that's where we begin our journey to hotness. In general, people will find you more attractive if you're fit. The benefits don't end there, though. Not only will hitting the gym make you look better, but it'll also help you feel better, help boost your self esteem and confidence (more on that later), and even help you sleep better.
    • Tanning your hide is not always a bad idea. One hopes you do not aspire to the obvious fake 'n' bake look exhibited by reality show denizens and politicians, but a smooth, even complexion generally makes people more attractive. It doesn't have to be—and probably shouldn't be—too dark, but the tanning effect has the benefit of covering up minor imperfections. To keep skin cancer at bay, consider a professional spray tan. Avoid the orange tan by checking out photos of clients from your local spray tan salon to make sure they know how to get it right.
    • Laundry day is good for you! It sounds like a terrible bore, but in addition to keeping your clothes clean and wrinkle-free, you will always have the widest possible variety to choose from when you select what you're wearing. Put together outfits that emphasize your best features, and have enough variety to your outfits so that you're not always wearing the same thing.
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    Remember that tricks are temporary! If you're good at pretending you're hot, congratulations. Eventually (even as soon as the next morning), people will see you disheveled, with no makeup, and sloppy clothes, the veneer stripped away. That's when your real self will be naked and exposed. Don't get so caught up in looking hot that you forget to be a decent person!


  • Be confident! Not cocky.
  • Hygiene is a priority. Whether you have raging acne or a problem with sweating, get those issues under control. Dermatologists can prescribe an acne regime (or you can try Proactive) and if you sweat profusely, doctors have a range of cures to assist you, including possibly injecting Botox into your armpits can reduce massive perspiring—don't DIY though! Talk to your doctor.
  • Look confident and warm and make relaxed gestures instead of fast ones. People fall in love with body language and a slow speed and tone of voice.
  • The human mind and body are miracles in and of themselves. Anything you do to change your looks is just a bonus.
  • Underwear. Make sure what you're wearing underneath is fabulous, sexy and confidence-boosting. Only you know it's there but it can make you feel like a superstar, so don't skimp on the good lingerie. Good lingerie is an internal confidence booster!


  • Don't be too shallow. Acting like you're "all that" makes you hated and looked down upon.
  • Don’t take “being good looking” too seriously. If someone doesn’t like you for who you really are, they aren’t worth your time or effort.
  • Talk to your doctor if there is a feature about yourself that causes you to feel very unhappy in social environments. Where it is a matter of improving your self-esteem and not just a whim, it is important to seek good advice. Obviously, this isn't something to take lightly, so talk to good professionals about your feelings and what you really want. Don't suffer in silence.
  • If you are a young woman, many young men probably think you are hot. If your aim is to gain more male attention, try smiling at one, or if you want to be very bold, say "hello" to one. Such actions will be more effective than most things you can do with your appearance.

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