How to Tree Parachute

Tree Parachuting is the art of climbing a young hardwood tree to a "Tipping Point" where the tree will gently bring you back to earth with a simulated free-fall feeling.


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    Find a young growth forest and look for a hardwood around 6" to 8" in diameter. This diameter is good for a weight of around 180 lbs. Any heavier and you should look for a thicker tree, and lighter and a thinner tree may be right for you.
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    Test the tree to make sure that it is sturdy by pulling on it. If there is no immediate movement or cracking sounds you should be all set.
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    If the tree is to easy to bend, don't use it.
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    Check the surrounding area in a radius of 20' and make sure that you identify all possible hazards you may land on.
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    Begin Climbing as rapidly as possible up the tree in a reverse fireman’s pole shimmy.
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    When you reach the tipping point the tree will begin to bend over towards the ground. Let your feet dangle down and enjoy the ride to the bottom!


  • This sport requires a very strong upper body physique. Training may be required for those who have never climbed before.
  • Wear tight fitting glasses since debris from above the tree tends to fall when climbing and it may get in your eyes.
  • Winter is an excellent time to participate in this sport because of the added padding snow provides.
  • This is best done on a hill since you will be able to travel farther down then on flat ground.
  • When you become more experienced with this satisfying sport try to shimmy up one tree and as it is bending jump to another.
  • Respect the forest. Trees are competing for canopy space at all times. Eventually some of the trees will lose the battle and die. Don't tree parachute on all trees in a certain area in case you damage a few. Tree Parachute and then continue on to a new spot farther off to protect your forest.


  • Always bring a spotter, or someone who can get help if needed.
  • NEVER Tree Parachute on your own, unless close to someone.
  • This is a dangerous sport. You will be climbing upwards of 20' above the ground and in the event of a tree unexpectedly cracking during a climb you may injure yourself.
  • Tree Parachute at your own risk.
  • Remember there is danger in ALL sports. You must take proper precaution and use your head at all times. If you are climbing a tree near a cliff or above rocks Don't DO IT.

Things You'll Need

  • Glasses
  • A Spotter
  • Comfortable Shoes with Padding
  • Some trees

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