How to Treat Piercing Infections with Bactine

Do you have a piercing infection that just seems to not go away? Did those cheap, yet incredibly cute earrings irritate your ear piercings and make them flare up? Have a piercing that just needs to be cleaned? Well here is a cheap, pain-free way to get rid of ANY infected piercing or just to clean existing piercings!


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    Purchase Bactine.
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    Apply Bactine to piercing at least 3 times a day until the infection clears.


  • For navel piercings: Spray area with Bactine 2 times a day then place your index finger and your thumb on the top and bottom balls of the navel ring and lightly push up and down to get the bactine inside to heal faster. More than 2 squirts won't be necessary. Make sure you wash your hands before you clean your navel piercing.
  • For navel piercings: After spraying Bactine on piercings move the ring around a small amount to work the Bactine into the piercing.
  • Optional for some piercings: Take a clean cotton ball, cotton pad, Q-tip or tissue and wipe excess Bactine off the surrounding area of the piercings. This step is for piercings that should not be left wet.
  • For ear piercings: While applying Bactine, push on the back of the piercing to "open" the piercing. This helps work the bactine into the area. Repeat the process on the back side of the piercing.
  • Apply Bactine either by spraying on piercing or spraying on a cotton ball, cotton pad, Q-tip etc. then apply to area.

Things You'll Need

  • Bactine
  • Cotton ball, Cotton pad or Q-tip etc.

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