How to Treat Girls With Respect

Woman don't always get the respect that they deserve. This being said, this article adopts the stance that there are many who do respect woman, although, perhaps, they do not know how to show it properly. Here are a few steps and tips. Please keep in mind that this article advocates showing respect to all woman, not just a special one or two.


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    Face her and make eye contact. Remember that it is very important to face the direction of your conversation and make eye contact with woman that is either talking to you or when you are talking to them. People tend to become relaxed around familiar people and as such we sometimes forget the small things.
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    Don't interrupt her. Let her finish talking to you and then reply, even if halfway through you think you know where the conversation is heading. Chances are she is talking to you about a subject because it is important. By listening to her you can acknowledge that her information is important to you. Also you might find that you missed out on an important point that she might have picked up about the subject of conversation. (It's a win-win situation.)
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    Give valid arguments. When in conversation about a certain topic, give valid arguments about the points raised. Don't insult a woman's intelligence by being sarcastic about the subject because you might believe that she wouldn't know about it.
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    Give constructive compliments. When a woman does something or add to something that helped anything improve, acknowledge her for it. It doesn't always need to be done publicly unless the rest of the team gets praised the same way. Recognize her verbally or via email or what ever means you see fit and proper for the work that she has put into it.
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    Ask her opinion about important matters. There is nothing in this world that feels better than when you are sitting at work and someone in a higher position comes up to you and seriously asks for your opinion, listens to you and thanks you for your input. (This doesn't just apply to woman, but to most men too.) Even at home, let her know that her opinion counts and that her input is taken seriously.
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    Give positive feedback, or feedback in a positive way. When she has given her advice/opinion about a matter, give her feedback later as to how you used the information that she had provided and how it helped. This encourages future participation.
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    Acknowledge her presence. When you and a bunch of other guys are together and in the presence of a lady, do try not to tell degrading jokes or make unwanted remarks. This is very important! When a lady enters a room, acknowledge her to the group and tell her (if appropriate) what the subject of conversation is. You may even ask her thoughts on it.
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    Recognize that her needs are different. Woman naturally has different needs than men, so be sensitive to those needs and respect them. Whether it be family life or other, remember that she may need different things than what you would need at that time. Take that into consideration when making plans. (Once again, you may ask how you could accommodate her.)
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    Say please and thank you. The simple things make a huge difference. Having good manners in front of a woman is showing her respect. Be mindful of your words and actions when in the presence of a lady.


  • If you see she is overwhelmed with too many obligations, offer to help her with some. She will appreciate you more and realize you care and aren't a selfish person.
  • Treat her as an equal and show her that she is important, because let's face it. They are.


  • Be consistent, do not be courteous the one day and rude the other.

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