How to Travel to Lake Titicaca

Three Methods:KayakingStaying localVisiting the floating islands

Lake Titicaca can be the perfect spot to get off the beaten path, connect with Peruvian culture and mythology and have a unique experience in the high plains of Peru. Done right, Lake Titicaca has the potential to be the most culturally and authentically rich part of your trip! Here are some tips on how to get off the beaten path at Lake Titicaca.

Method 1

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    See the lake by kayak. Kayaking on Lake Titicaca will differentiate your trip in many different ways; it's less used by tourists, so it's a lot more likely to get you closer to the locals. This schedule provides you with an exceptional morning and lands you at the island in time for a relaxing lunch, some hiking and touring the island, once many of the large tour groups have headed back to Puno, the main Peruvian city along the lake.
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    Spend the morning kayaking along the shores of the isolated Llachon peninsula with views of indigenous communities along the shore and Bolivia in the distance. Seeing these communities and the lake by kayak really gives you time to let your surroundings soak in.
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    Cross the blue water to Taquile Island. After kayaking a bit around it, go ashore for a late lunch.
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    Watch the sunset over the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in Bolivia. Then prepare for some incredible end-of-day stargazing.

Method 2
Staying local

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    Stay with a local family. One of the best ways to get off the beaten path is to spend quality time with, and actually connect with, the local people. Staying one night with a family on Taquile Island can give you that experience.
    • Eat dinner with the family, help prepare the meal if you would like to learn more about Peruvian cuisine.
    • Spend the evening learning about their traditional way of life.

Method 3
Visiting the floating islands

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    Go to the Uros Titinos floating islands, as well as the Uros closer to Puno. Possibly the most popular destination from Puno are the Uros Floating Islands. These are incredible man-made islands made from Totora reeds from the lake. They are a sight to behold and a must-see spot on Lake Titicaca. There are many of these islands on the lake, and the most visited ones are just off the shore from Puno. Despite being quite touristy, you are still recommended to see these particular ones on your trip.
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    See the other islands. In addition to seeing these Uros islands, also boat to the Uros Titinos islands. Unlike the more touristed Uros islands, Titinos is a couple hours away, and only get several small groups of tourists each week (not several large groups daily). It is best to see them after spending a night on the not so far away Taquile Island.
    • These families truly live on the floating islands, and mostly make their living off the resources they have from the lake. It is amazing to see the way they live their lives, with a combination of traditions passed down for centuries, and modern technology (any electricity on the island is powered by solar panel). They have found a way to embrace tourism, while at the same time continuing to live out the traditions of their ancestors.

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