How to Travel Safely Alone

Have you been postponing your dream trip because you can not find anyone to go with you? Or do you have a secret desire to see the world alone but you are overwhelmed and do not know where to start? This is a good introductory guide for the woman who is traveling alone.


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    Do a realistic self assessment of your personality and your sociability.
    • Do you prefer to be alone or to socialize with others? A tour group can be a good
    • This is your adventure. Your best trip will be the one that suits your own personality and travel style.
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    Choose where to go. Do as much research on your destination as possible.
    • Exhaust the free information on the internet, especially the United States, State Department's warnings. Although you should be as open minded as possible, do not forget basic personal safety. Remember that while there are hazards to traveling anywhere, there are some places where solo women travelers must be especially cautious.
    • Research the average weather conditions for the time of year you will take your trip.
    • Know where your local embassy is located.
    • Find out if there are any special events such as festivals that will occur while you are there. Remember that events can be wonderful to see, but they can also fill hotels and local facilities and draw crowds. That's fine, as long as you expect it and plan accordingly.
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    Decide how long you want to travel. Now that you know your ideal travel style and you have decided where you want to go, you should be ready about it. A three-week adventure sounds great, but if this is your first time traveling alone, three weeks without the comforts of home and without loved ones can be difficult. Start small. Three to five days is a great start. After your first trip, you'll have a better idea of how long you are comfortable traveling alone.
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    Be aware of your budget. Yes, it is a dreaded idea, but you must do this before and after you schedule your trip. You should know exactly how much you want to spend each day on meals and lodging, and you should allocate some splurge money. Don't forget transportation (including side trips) and admission fees to points of interest and events. There are many simple things you can do to keep your budget in check while traveling.
    • Understand the exchange rate. Be aware of what basic things, such as a restaurant meal or train ticket, tend to cost at your destination, both in your home currency and in the local currency. A pocket calculator can help.
    • Ask before you go about the fees to change money, use an ATM at your destination, and to use a credit card.
    • Cook for yourself. Depending on your facilities, you may be able to prepare meals, or at least an occasional sandwich, for yourself.
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    Find or make friends while there. Staying in hostels, taking part in a tour group, or attending shared events can mean that you don't have to go everywhere alone.
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    At this point, the only thing left is for you to be prepared for a wonderful trip!


  • Make copies of your passport and travel itinerary. Give a copy to your emergency contact and keep an extra set with you.
  • Ideal first time destinations: the Caribbean, cities within your native country and state capitals. All of these places should provide ease of travel either because they are in locations with great numbers of tourists, or as in the case of cities within your native country, there should be reduced language and cultural challenges.
  • Stay sober. Drinking is fun but being too drunk can make you do foolish things, make you a target for violence and hinder your ability to think clearly.
  • Purchase a money belt or devise a secure method of storing your money and identification. There are belts that you can wear inside your pants or slim money purses you can wear around your neck and inside your shirt. Alternatively you can pin a plain Ziploc bag to the inside of your clothing.
  • Learn some self defense!
  • If you plan to rent a car overseas make sure you check the driving requirements for that location. Before you get there make sure you know some of the basic rules of the road, especially which side of the street to drive on!No matter where you are make sure your emergency contact also knows the make and model as well as plate number of the vehicle you are driving.


  • Be careful when meeting people on the road. While there are great opportunities to get to know new people there are also abundant opportunities to find yourself in a compromising position. Trust your instinct. If a person or situation makes you uncomfortable, carefully but quickly get away without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.
  • Do not give out your lodging information to people you just met. While you will find that a lot of people have a genuine interest in getting to know you and your culture, do not let that interest fool you into forgetting your normal precautions.

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