How to Travel in Malaysia

Have you always heard about the country Malaysia from the mouth of your traveling friend but your unsure of the way to travel in it? Then this article might give a hint of what's in store for you.


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    Places To Stay
    1. Hotel - This will be the place of choice for a family to stay since it's safe and clean. If you are going to stay in a hotel, try to get a room at floor five or higher to get a better view of the city.
    2. Hostel - The place to stay if you're alone or with buddies. It is cheap and reasonable. You could get a cheap hostel in Puduraya.
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    1. Bus - You can get a bus ticket for 2 ringgits, which is valid for one day. Use it to get to interesting places like the Petronas Twin Tower or Suria KLCC shopping mall. The bus will be crowded in the morning and evening because of working people, so it's wise to avoid the high time.
    2. Taxi - Taxi drivers will usually guide you if you want to go to a tourism site, be it the National Monument or the National Museum. Try not to take the taxi if it offers a ridiculous price.
    3. Scooter - A faster and more challenging way to travel is by buying a scooter. You can zip past the vehicle when there's traffic jam (which is often).
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    Eateries - Visiting another country means a whole lot of different dishes and drinks. Why be stingy? Spend your money on never-heard-of dishes and you ask for the recipe, adding to your menu at home. Try the fresh fruits if you come across some, like durians and mangosteens. If you're looking for cheap food, go to China Town or South Indian restaurants.
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    Shopping - It's always fun to shop in Malaysia because there's always a sale going on, from 10% to 80% off. Try going to a huge shopping mall such as Suria KLCC or The Mall. There's always a street stall to buy cheap and unique items, if you are budgeting. If you're looking for beer you could find it in the 7-11 shops which are open 24 hours a day.
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    Places to Go: Try Genting Highlands. There are tons of stores there, and awesome facilities, plus hotels. Also, try places with historical backgrounds, like Melaka. There are many historical buildings there.


  • Be nice to people and people will be nice to you.
  • Ask for directions if you're lost. Don't be timid.


  • Don't ask the taxi driver about distance, or he may tell you it's far when it's actually a block away.
  • Be respectful of the official religion and customs, and sensitive to the feelings of locals, or you'll risk offending their sensibilities and breaking their laws.
  • Go around social media as sometimes it will alert you of criminal activity within the area. It seems bizarre, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don't get scammed by people taking advantage of your status as tourist.
  • Don't carry too much cash and avoid showing it.
  • Don't make people angry by raising racial tension.
  • Don't get drunk when alone.
  • Don't ride in a strangers car. It's dangerous and there is no telling what will happen.
  • Be careful as crime in Malaysia is common. Among some crimes are people on motorcycles that snatch your bags, necklace, or anything valuable they can grab on. So don't show too much money and try to hang your bag away from the road.

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