How to Travel for Less

Three Methods:Find Affordable Plane TicketsLook for Free or Reduced Cost AccommodationsSail Anywhere for Free

You can travel for less if you are willing to do a little homework and if you have a schedule flexible enough to take advantage of last minute opportunities. While it’s true you probably won’t be flying first class or staying in 4 star hotels, you can still travel cheaply and have a very satisfactory experience.

Method 1
Find Affordable Plane Tickets

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    Scour the internet for travel sites that offer comparisons of flight costs. On most of these sites, you can sign up for email or text alerts when a lower fare is available for your desired destination.
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    Be willing to fly stand-by.
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    Use a credit card that will earn you frequent flyer miles with every purchase you make. Put all your purchases on that card; your frequent flyer miles will add up fast.
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    Visit the websites of various airlines to see if they are offering any spectacular vacation packages. Many of these airlines also offer special promotion deals, or a chance to win a free trip.
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    Be a courier and fly for free or for a drastically reduced rate. Some couriers hand carry sensitive documents that a company doesn’t want to entrust to a mail service. Some companies simply want someone to occupy a seat on a plane that is carrying their cargo so that the cargo is treated as “passenger’s baggage” so that it goes through the customs process faster.

Method 2
Look for Free or Reduced Cost Accommodations

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    Investigate hospitality exchanges. You can stay at a local’s home for free; sometimes the furnishings are sparse, but it won’t cost you anything and you’ll get to meet people from all over the world.
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    Offer your services as a house sitter or pet sitter when other people go on vacation. Many people have second homes in resort areas and are happy to have someone staying in their home during the off season.
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    Call hotels directly to find the best rate. Front desk clerks are often authorized to offer a better room rate when asked, especially if there are a lot of empty rooms available for the nights you are inquiring about.

Method 3
Sail Anywhere for Free

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    Volunteer to join the crew of a sailboat. You don’t have to have sailing experience to be on a crew; all boats need cooks and other help. If you have specialized culinary or mechanical skills, you may even get a paid position on the crew. But there are plenty of captains who are looking for people who want to exchange work for free passage.
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    Find websites that are looking for volunteer crew members.
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    Visit a marina and ask around; there’s sure to be a captain preparing for a voyage and looking for free help.


  • Keep a backpack or carry-on bag packed and ready to grab at the last minute so you can easily take advantage of special air flights.
  • Arrange to have all your bills paid through online banking. That way, you can leave at a moments’ notice without worrying about making special arrangements.
  • It’s not true that couriers have to be ready to fly at the drop of a dime. You do have to have some flexibility, but it is a very worthwhile way to travel.


  • If you stay at a hospitality exchange home, be courteous, offer your help with household chores and don’t overstay your welcome.

Things You’ll Need

  • Computer for research

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