How to Transform Yourself for the New Year

New Year's resolutions are standard but what if you want to transform yourself in some way? The reality is that this transformation won't happen in a day but New Year's Day does make a fitting beginning point to get started on your journey. Whatever your transformation goal, be it educational, financial, appearance, approach to life, sporting, etc., there are some things to think about and set in place to help you make this a success.


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    Think about what you'd like to transform. Is it your appearance, your bank account, your knowledge quotient or your charm? Whatever it is, having a focus on some specifics will help you to achieve the goal of transformation. Some thing to consider when working this out include:
    • Be realistic. Transformation must be reasonable and achievable, otherwise you'll give up on it or spend too much money/time/worrying on it for it to be a worthwhile endeavor.
    • Choose one or two goals rather than a stream of goals or a vague list of "change everything". To be achievable, the goals must be doable, quantifiable and within your capability.
    • Realize that transformation takes time. It is not a case of waving a magic wand and finding everything is different from December 31 to January 1. Time is of the essence, and lots of it.
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    Be kind to yourself. Expecting to transform your entire life from one year to the next is asking too much of yourself. You are the sum of many years of experience, learning and growth, and that is part of who you are. Focus on one or two realistic changes that will enhance aspects of yourself rather than feeling as if you need a complete overhaul.
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    Decide what ways will work to help you achieve this transformation. Do you need to study, do a course, book a series of appointments with a beauty therapist, get training, spend time researching and reading, set up a budget, talk to a specialist? Work out exactly what things you need to do to get this transformation rolling.
    • If you need to spend money, prepare a budget that fits in with your income. There is nothing more disheartening than convincing yourself whatever transformation you want is unaffordable. You can afford it in small increments if you budget wisely, so make the effort to plan this out.
    • If you need to work with someone else, do your homework first. Find out what qualifications, references and feedback the person has in their field. Do you like what you learn? Meet them for an initial discussion––do you click with them? Narrow down the selection to the one person you consider will truly help you with your transformation process, by being supportive, non-judgmental, creative and a problem-solver.
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    Consider your relationships with others. Transformation is a personal journey but it's also one that impacts other people. What are you expecting from those close to you? Do you need their support, help and ideas? Do you want them to simply understand your decision to undertake this transformation? Do you need them to do something? Whatever it is, talking to your loved ones and other significant people in your life is an important part of a successful transition, to help them feel useful where relevant and to prevent them from trying to undermine your efforts.
    • In some cases, jealousy, annoyance or resentment from others can present a roadblock to your transformation. It is important to recognize this in others and gently steer clear of such persons. You will not change their minds if they're set on making it harder for you.
    • On a positive note, people who talk to others about their goals are more likely to succeed, either though the extra support or through the need to prove that you're capable of the transformation.
    • Seek to use trustworthy persons as accountability keepers. Keep them informed of your progress as a source of record-keeping and truthfulness.
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    Set up regular times to focus solely on your transformation process. This may mean blocking out times on your calendar or in your diary. It might mean setting aside one day a week or a weekend each month. Whatever it is, plan it now so that it all seems real and you have focal points to work toward.
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    Make things easier for you by ensuring that what you need is always to hand. For example, if you've decided to become a programmer, get yourself a book on programming and a decent computer. If you've decided to become a world running champion, get a good pair of running shoes and keep them by the front door in readiness for use. If you've decided to get a degree, do some online courses in the same subject field to get yourself ready and set up a savings account to cover the tuition fees.
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    Follow through with your transformation goal. Do it incrementally, in small steps, and in realistic ways. Remind yourself of the importance of this transformation to you whenever you feel that it's becoming too much trouble or is a challenge for you. Take a break now and then and come back to it refreshed.
    • Try rewards for small steps achieved along the way to your greater transformation. Good things take time and small rewards can give you the boost needed to keep at it.


  • Be bold. It takes courage to transform aspects of your life that you've left untended.
  • Set aside the money needed to assist your transformation in a special account. Do not touch it except for the purposes of your goal.
  • Read works by people who have undergone major transformations in life. What lessons can you glean from their experiences? Are those useful for and applicable to your situation?
  • Consider using a journal to document your transformation. It'll be a source of morale boosting when needed and an interesting read when you finally get to your goal's end.


  • Fear of change is a constant for many. You may feel it, and it's best to face it and realize that it's a form of preventing transformation. Remind yourself that whenever you think "I can't", that it's your fear of change talking and you actually know that you "can".
  • Other people aren't preventing you from transforming. They may make things difficult for their own reasons but ultimately, you're responsible for your own growth and transformation.

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