How to Transfer to an Online Public School

Jumping from a brick-and-mortar school to an online public school can be tricky and terrifying. Since it's a fairly new concept, it can be pretty hard to know what exactly to do. Keep reading to have a head start on prepping for online public school.


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    Get the facts. You need to do your research before you enroll; otherwise, you could end up at a school that isn't well-suited for you. Is this school successful overall? What do people in your area think of it? Is it even available in your state? Figure out what school you think is best for you before you go.
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    Enroll. Once you've found the school that you think will be best for you, start enrolling. This is often a long process, involving the parent and the student. While the entire procedure starts online, you'll also need to fax in certain things to the school, depending on your state and which school it is. It may take a short while to get everything sent in as needed, but in 1-3 weeks, you should be signed up.
    • If this process is taking over a month, you probably need to switch to a different school. This is abnormally long, and you'll just end up getting yourself annoyed as it takes longer and longer.
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    Get a head start. Once you've successfully enrolled, there may be a few other things you'll need to do, such as getting your supplies (if you need any), sending in some more information, and completing various tutorials.
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    Buy a school computer. Online school is very time-consuming, and if you're constantly taking up space on your house's computer, it can make things tough for others. Get a laptop so that you can do your school without taking up others' space.
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    Meet other students. One of the toughest parts of moving from brick-and-mortar school to online school is making friends in an unfamiliar way. So do whatever you can to connect with your classmates! Social activities vary from school to school, but you're guaranteed to make some friends as long as you make an effort to connect.
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    Remember that online public schooling means you have to participate in state testing. Because the school is public, you'll be required by law to take it, so be prepared!
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    Don't be afraid to ask for help. Just like teachers in a brick-and-mortar school, your online instructors are there to help you. Keep in touch over the phone or through your school's messaging system so you can get better in school.


  • Start looking early. Don't start your enrollment process in August. You'll want to do as much research as you can, so it's smart to start in June or July. Many online public schools will open their enrollment in late May.
  • Note that there are some states that require you must have at least one year in the public school system before moving to online school. For example, you must go to a public brick-and-mortar before attending the online school. Therefore, if you want your child to attend online public school from kindergarten to high school or have only enrolled your child in homeschool and private schools, you will not be allowed by law to enroll.

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