How to Train Yourself to Be a Spy

Need to learn something that your family won't tell you? Or are you just really curious? Well, read this article to get some awesome tips.


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    Practice tip-toeing around. Especially if you have wooden floors. Creaks can always give a spy away. When walking, stay near walls as the floor in those areas will creak less, and travel down stairs on all fours. When walking, land feet on the ball of your foot and roll into the toes, making no noise.
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    Practice staying out-of-sight. Always find places to hear but you're still not noticed. Listening through vents is one of the best techniques for hearing secret conversations while not being seen. Stay low, and do what you can to not move if suspected.
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    Try to get some cool spy gadgets. Even household items can be very useful. You can watch videos on YouTube on how to make cheap and effective tools to help you. The most useful of all tools is a recording device, such as an audio recorder, wire or notepad.
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    Don't go over board with gadgets. Take what you know you'll need not what you think you'll want!
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    Practice your night vision. The best time for missions is during the night, where you can't be seen. To get a better night vision, duck low and use light reflecting off of objects to see better. Wait 20 minutes to have full night vision.
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    Train yourself to defend. In case you get caught, you will need to defend. Escape is always good, but be ready to disable the target then escape.
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    Work at ducking and dodging. It's not very likely that you'll get away from a gunman, but it's good to be prepared. Get a partner and let him throw soft balls, such as tennis balls, at you and you must dodge them. It is encouraged to also stretch before doing any espionage.{largeimage|Train Yourself to Be a Spy Step 6.jpg}}
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    Train your body to not rely on sight so much.Getting accustomed to using your other senses can really come in handy. Try sitting in a quiet, dark room for extended periods of time to hone and develop senses.
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    Learn to stand still. If you're trying to blend in, it won't work if you're jumping around like a kangaroo. Practice getting into a prone position quickly without hassle. This may also come in handy.
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    Create hand signals to communicate if you work with a partner. You'll never know if someone could be listening, so practice something like navy hand signals, or use a code (morse, roman sticks, anagrams, etc.).


  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Wait 20 minutes in the dark if you find yourself in it. After 20 minutes, your full night vision will kick in.
  • Refrain from light sources. They will give you away. Do not use flashlights or electronics, or anything with an LED. Cover leds on electronics with two pieces of duct tape.
  • Espionage can be illegal, do it only if you have strong reasons. Remember, no movie is ever like the real deal.
  • Clean shoes make clean escapes, use a cloth to always wipe shoes off every 10-15 minutes, unless hidden. This makes it so you cannot be traced.
  • If you can, buy a used pair of shoes from your local thrift shop and burn the soles to a flat bottom, so they don't get traced. Make sure not to burn through shoes!
  • Wear socks on hard floor so you can slide.
  • Try to camouflage with what you're wearing.


  • Avoid forests! It's a trap, full of anything that will make noise.
  • If your covert operation happens to be during the day, wear clothes that are unrecognizable and blend in.
  • Try your best not to do anything illegal.
  • If you hear something like, "Someone is going to rob a bank," tell the police, not telling when you knew something is accessory to the crime. However unlikely, illegal incidents must be reported anonymously.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark, black clothes that make little to no noise.
  • One recording device (notepad, noise recorder, etc.)
  • A clean cloth. Why? Read tips.
  • A spare pair of shoes

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