How to Train Your Cat to Sit

Many people think that cats can't be trained, but like most mammals, if they're trained right, and with a lot of patience, it can definitely be done. With these steps, your cat will be sitting on command in no time!


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    Before you start to actually train your cat, get it used to being fed at the same time everyday. This way, the cat will know that it's time to eat, and it'll give you it's full attention.
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    Go to your local pet store or supermarket and buy cat treats that you think cat will enjoy. If you want, buy a variety of treats so you can find out which is your pet's favorite. If you can't get to the store, and you want to start training your cat right away, you can use kernels of your cat's food or small bits of cooked chicken (make sure there are no bones! You don't want your pet to choke!)
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    Sit down or kneel in front of your cat (you don't want to look imposing or threatening towards the animal) and make sure there are no distractions( i.e. other cats/animals, music, humans, etc.) nearby. Make sure you're in a place where your cat feels comfortable and safe.
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    Try to get its full attention by letting it smell and see the treat. You can even give it a small taste, if it's never had that type of treat.
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    When you have the cat's attention, slowly lift the treat above its head so it has to crane its neck to see the treat.(If the cat tries to swat at the treat, move your hand away calmly or move the treat higher over it's head. After a while, the cat will get the idea and realize that YOU are the one who's giving the orders.)
    • When you lift the treat over the cat's head, it'll sit to keep its balance, as soon as it sits, say 'sit' (or click your animal training clicker) and give it the treat.
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    Be patient. Eventually your cat will start to associate the word 'sit' with the action. Be patient because every animal is different and it takes some cats longer than others to be trained.
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    If your cat is confused, you can lightly press down on its hindquarters to show it what you want it to do. Be careful, though, because some cats really dislike this and might try to bite or scratch you.
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    If your cat becomes frustrated, leave it alone and try again tomorrow. And never try to punish the animal if it doesn't get it right away. You don't want your cat to associate you with something bad.
    • If you practice with your cat often, soon you won't even have to use treats when you tell your cat to sit!
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    Impress your friends with your cat's newly acquired skills! Once your cat has mastered the sit command, you can teach it other tricks like how to sit up or shake.


  • Never ever hit your cat. Animals do not respond to pain.
  • Even after your cat has learned the trick, every once in a while, when you tell your cat to sit, feed it a treat. This will help enforce the action.
  • Make sure you're patient with your cat.
  • Start training your cat at a young age. But not too young, as it won't want to sit still.
  • Train your cat before you feed it it's meal.
  • If you're trying to train multiple cats, train them one at a time.


  • Be very patient and gentle with your cat. Cats have claws and teeth and can become frustrated while being trained.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat treats or cooked chicken
  • An animal training clicker (optional)
  • A LOT of patience

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