How to Train to Be a Wide Receiver

Wide Receivers are a key part of any team. Wide Receivers have one of the highest levels of responsibility on the move the ball down the field. Being a Wide Receiver can be very exciting, but it takes serious work and dedication. If you feel that being a Wide Receiver is right for you, keep reading, because this article will show you how to prepare to become one.


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    Learn how to catch the ball. Catching the ball is the primary responsibility of a Wide Receiver. Practicing alone is fine, but you will get the most out of it if you practice in a group.
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    Once you can catch, you need to build up your speed. After you catch the ball, you need to run with it. You can build up your speed by running around the block, using an exercise bike or treadmill, etc.
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    Now it's time to focus on your agility. Juking, spinning around, or jumping over a defender may be necessary at some point. Agility training is something that primarily is taught in practice, but there are ways to improve your agility at home. You could create a homemade obstacle course or just practice some basic moves in your yard.
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    Breaking tackles is an important thing to learn as well. A good Wide Receiver can catch and be tackled, but a great Wide Receiver can catch and break a tackle. Breaking tackles is something that can really only be taught in practice, since there are many ways and scenarios in which you could break a tackle.
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    Finally, you need to be prepared to be tackled. This will happen nearly every time you catch the ball. The best way to avoid injury from a tackle is to build up your muscles, primarily in your shoulders. Tackling is also something that is best taught in practice, since you have pads and experienced personal available.


  • Don't be discouraged if you drop the ball. Even the best drop it now and then. Everything is tough at first, but if you keep training hard, you will gradually get better.
  • Watch football games. Observe how the receivers in the game perform, and maybe you could pick up a few useful tips or tricks.
  • Practice, practice, practice. While you train, it's important to never give up. Hard work beforehand makes for fun and easier practices and games later.


  • Don't quit. Even if you aren't doing well at first, keep at it. You will get better.
  • Wide Receiver is a high contact position, so be prepared to face possible injury.

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