How to Train for Woodsball

Here are some basic training techniques for woodsball.


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    Get your usual paintball gear setup. Maybe even a case of 1000-2000 rounds too.
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    Learn how to do what's called "Roadie Running." Bend your knees to about a 100 degree angle and duck down at the same time. Now run while keeping your head up. It's hard but this is really useful in a spread out fire fight. (See Tips for more.)
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    Learn how to do "Dead Handing." This is where you shoot while running. But here's the catch: try to keep your hands really steady. This will ensure you are still at least 60 to 75 % accurate with your shots and you are a fast moving target. (You should look to be getting about 80 to 90 % accuracy after a few months of training.)
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    Get a few friends to train with you and try out "Leap Frogging." Say you are team leader and you walk 20 feet (6.1 m) in front of your team mates. Now the next man walks 20 feet (6.1 m) in front of you. And the last man walks 20 in front of him. And then keep going while scanning the environment.
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    Learn how to use a skill called "360 Degree Awareness." This is where you and a few other men each look in a different direction allowing 360 degree awareness!
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    Practice "Playing Tight." This is where you make as a small of a target of yourself as possible. Tuck your elbows to your ribs, crouch down and even tilt your marker about 20 to 30 degrees inward so the hopper covers some of your face. This will maximize your kill round and reduce your death count if used correctly.
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    When peeking out of a corner, use only one eye. Peek out with roughly half of your face, so only one eye is looking where you want. In paintball, half of someone's face is a really small target to fire at.


  • Roadie Running is kinda hard, but with much practice you will be able to run like this with no problem what-so-ever. You're also running in an unbalanced posture so you will run much faster than normal. And don't run whilst being fired at. Wait for him to reload or to break his firing pattern before making a break for another position.
  • Leap Frogging is a no brainer but it is great for spread out movement.
  • While "Dead Handing," try to keep your entire upper body steady. And keep your elbows braced to your sides for even more stability.
  • Never blind fire! This is dangerous because obviously, you're not looking where you're shooting. You could hit another player at very close range and cause injury, or hit a Ref and draw a penalty. ALWAYS know where your paint is going when you shoot.


  • Since you're really unbalanced you can trip or just fall over while Roadie Running. This can cause minor injury, such as a cut to the head.

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