How to Train for Airsoft

Here are some effective ways to train for Airsoft battles. Some may seem stupid, but they truly work.


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    Practice aiming. Set up a stable target and stand ten feet away. Each time you hit it, move five feet back, and each time you miss, move five feet forward. Once you start going from one place to another again and again, you have found your comfortable shooting range. After finding your range, draw a mark where you can hit it and one where you can't. Try to get past these marks and still be able to hit the target consistently. Also try in different conditions maybe like shade or during a windy day, from a hill shooting down or from the bottom upward, with the sun in your eyes, anything you might face in a real battle.
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    Use different guns. The chances are, you are NOT going to use one gun the entire time. Just because you can hit a target with you main weapon doesn't mean you are a James Bond with your back-up. When it comes down to the battle, you may be cornered and out of ammo for your main, and then miss with your sub and get shot.
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    Try shooting from behind cover quickly and accurately. You very well may use this skill in a battle. As with normal target practice, try in different conditions because cover may be in the middle of nowhere, close to the enemy, or very far away from the enemy.
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    Try snap shooting. If you are cornered then you want to be able to pull out a sub weapon and shoot quickly or the enemy will realize and shoot you first. The concept is like a cowboy draw, wait until the right moment and pull,shoot! This could come in handy.
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    Judge distance and power for grenades by throwing a rock that is about the same shape and weight to different distances or from different distances. If you can master this and throw a grenade right under a target, then in a real battle, the enemy would be screwed badly. Just imagine having a grenade go off between your legs before you can realize what is happening.
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    Finally, practice with friends, moving targets work better because you adapt to shooting a realistically moving target and can get practice for dodging as well, which may come in handy. Do not use the grenade practice though, you don't want to hurt your friends that badly, do you?


  • Practice whenever possible and possibly practice conserving ammo, this comes in help sometimes because a trigger happy idiot will most likely be screwed if cornered, while someone who picks out shots will more than likely have a few BBs left afterward.
  • If you want to be better and you don't mind getting some adrenaline than imagine in your head that Airsoft is like a real war and your life depends on your instincts. Although it takes the fun factor away a fair bit, thinking about it in this way and hearing gun shots around helps you to be much more alert and beat your opponents.


  • Absolutely under no circumstances whatsoever should you practice a grenade throw on a live target. EVER!!!

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