How to Train for a Volleyball Competition

No one is born trained, but if there's a competition coming up,get your blood flowing and let's go!


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    Start by walking briefly for a bit, then go running at full speed. This will simulate the change from inertia (not moving) to running for a ball. You can do this anywhere there's open space.To keep you motivated,try to give yourself a little square of chocolate!This will make you associate running with sweets and it will make you want to do it!
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    Stretch out your muscles. Don't over stretch, as it can be dangerous. Things like stretching your back, as minor as they seem, they help you.Being flexible is always good,but too much is bad,as is not being flexible at all!
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    Get a net (you can improvise it by two trees+rope, etc.) and practice your serve. Serving is the start of the game, so it is very very important. The team who serves the best usually wins. For more details, check out How to Serve a Volleyball Overhand and How to Do an Underhand Serve.
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    Play with a wall. Crazy as it sounds, it helps you. Practice your digs and sets (two main procedures in volleyball, you might want to check them out:How to Set a Volleyball, How to Dig a Volleyball).
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    Get a partner and practice. No wall or net can beat the real first-hand experience of a game. You can play with anyone: a friend, a roommate, a classmate, etc. Make sure they know volleyball, though.
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    Play practice games. Set up the net and play, just as you would in the official game version. It's okay if you mess up, because you learn from your mistakes!It's a great opportunity.
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    Don't panic. Relax, watch TV, read a good book. Don't train too much and don't worry if you make a mistake. It happens,don't fret.Be positive and just do your best.To de-stress,you can write or draw your thoughts.
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    Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise, live a good life. You don't have to make drastic changes,but many small ones work,because they add up. Adopt eating habits that you can follow for a lifetime, not a fad diet!
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    Before the match, do a few stretches and maybe exercise some sets or serves. Don't do too many––you want to be strong for the match, not overwork your muscles.


  • Wear a jacket before the match, to warm up your muscles.

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