How to Train As an Elite Sniper

If you are going to be a backyard sniper, or are just doing it for fun... Don't read this article! This is for the serious snipers; the following training is based on the actual sniper programs used by elite British snipers.


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    There are four main tests that make up the following sniper training. The Written Test, the Sniper Observation Test, the Fixed Target Test, and the Sniper Stalking Test. You and your fellow snipers in training should practice these courses before you take a test on them.
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    The Written Test (WT): This is a paper test with multiple questions about the sniper field. This should be made up by an airsoft sniper who has already had experience in battle and knows what they are doing. A passing grade is usually considered a 75+.
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    The Sniper Observation Test (SOT): This test is to evaluate a snipers ability to observe/scout an area for possible targets(no matter how well hidden). 10 common airsoft objects (ex: Mask, goggles, unjamming rod, speed loader, magazine/clip, boots, rubber knife, helmet, gun, vest, scope, etc.), will be hidden in a woodland environment at least 100 feet (30.5 m) from the observation area. This should be a raised area with a clear view of the object area. The snipers will have 20 minutes to spot at least 7 out of 10 of these objects, armed with only binoculars and skill.
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    The Fixed Target Test (FTT): This test is to practice accuracy. The sniper and the medium sized targets are not allowed to move from their starting position. The goal of the sniper is to hit as many of these targets as possible. The closest one will probably be about 90 feet (27.4 m) away, with the distance growing from there.
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    The Sniper Stalking Test (SST): The SST is probably the hardest out of all the tests. It emphasizes and stresses stealth and camouflage, as well as rock-hard focus. The sniper, or sniper team starts at an unknown location, given only their sniper gear and location of the target. Their goal is to move to within range of their target without being seen by the multiple spotters out on watch. They must get to the target within the time limit (usually 60 minutes, but time is subject to change) without being seen by the spotters who's job it is to "spot" the snipers before they take out their target. The spotters are allowed to fire at the snipers, but the snipers are not allowed to fire upon the spotters. The target is usually medium sized.


  • Why go through all the effort to hide yourself if your gun will just give you away!? Make sure to camouflage your gun, the best way is to get a rifle wrap.
  • Move slow, stay low, and kill effectively.
  • Since snipers are meant to be the unseen killers of the battlefield, camouflage is important. Normal camouflage with vegetation attachments are good, but full ghillie suits are best. Make sure though that the suit matches the environment, and that as you move into new vegetation and land, change your camo to match your environment.
  • Get a strong sniper rifle! This should shoot rounds above 4000fps and under 5500fps! Also get a scope that suits you well.
  • Note that flash muzzlers and silencers, while reducing the flash and noise level of your gun, they also reduce the accuracy and range of your shots - keep that in mind.


  • Beware of cheap sniper rifles that appear strong but are not well made. If it is mostly plastic, stay away!!!

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