How to Train an Airsoft Team

Airsoft is a fun sport to play if you have the right equipment and skills, but without proper instruction, you will get dominated. The following article will show you how to appropriately train your team in the ways of the Tokyo Mari, and Classic Army.


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    Find a place to train, preferably a barn, an airsoft field, or a forest with some wide open areas will do fine.
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    Gather your team, 3-5 guys is the easiest to handle. Make sure that all the people who are not serious about this are dealt with and that you make your point.
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    Get some airsoft guns. Here are some ideas:
    • The CA Sportline M4 is one of the best guns a beginner on a budget can buy.
    • After some practice with cheap guns, try other airsoft electric guns, and make sure that you get one with a metal gear box, or if you have more money, a Systema. Echo 1 makes budget good guns for riflemen and sub machine gunners who only have about $150.
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    Designate team roles. This means choosing who will become the team's sniper, a machine gunner, a squad leader and a rifleman. Most Airsoft teams have too many people who want to be a sniper, but it is best to have 1 sniper and 1 spotter with him. If multiple people want to be sniper, set up moving targets or a player with armor and see who can shoot moving targets from farther away the best.
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    Begin training. Set up some barracks with boards and make barricades out of net or rope if you want. Then put your teammates against each other, and have another veteran to test and evaluate their skills.
    • For drills you can play capture the flag while a stationary sniper shoots at them in addition to them having their own weapons.
    • Another good drill is to have them behind a barrack with an empty magazine and some ammo and see how well they can reload with someone shooting at them.
    • A third good training drill is to set people against each other (even teams preferred) and give them one magazine with no extra ammo. This forces them to realize that they have to conserve ammo.
    • A fourth good training drill is to split your team in 2 have the good team and the enemies, but leave one person out. Then have the one man hide with no help from either team. Then the 2 different teams the good team and the op4 go separate ways to separate bases. The op4 is trying to capture the one man (who is playing as a crashed pilot) the good team is trying to save the pilot. Give everyone a gun except the pilot. Then whoever finds the pilot and takes him/her back to their base first wins.
    • Another useful drill is quite interesting one. Split up your team members into 2 teams. One is equipped with Airsoft guns each and other team isn't. The objective is to the team that hasn't got guns to communicate and remain stealthy while trying to capture the enemy flag. The team who has guns are not allowed to stay in one place all the time (particularly base) but have to patrol the area. They are allowed to shoot on sight.
    • Training isn't completely physical either, though you should get into good physical shape to play airsoft, you also must think about moves you make. A wise man thinks before he acts, a fool does not. A good mental training drill is the Hit and Run drill. You send one troop at a time inside enemy infested woods, they will have to think in order to get to their objective or checkpoint. The enemies will do a hit and run tactic, where they find the one soldier, they take one shot at him, and then they run to the next area where they will take another shot at the lone soldier. They keep doing this until the soldier gets hit or the soldier makes it to his objective. Do this at night and people will start freaking out because it is too much for the common brain to handle at once, having so many enemies around you firing and not knowing where they are at is torturous but fun. You must think in order to get past this drill, it's not easy I'll tell you that much.


  • Water or hydration pack is needed during battle or training to insure dehydration does not affect your team.
  • Do not forget about leadership! The only way to train an Airsoft team successfully is when yourself as a leader is well trained and understands all the safety. You have to get your point across and make the sessions interesting.
  • Uniforms are important too and it helps distinguish the two teams.
  • Research some Airsoft tactics over the internet. Adjust them to the area you train your recruits and show it to them.
  • If you have a lot of new people to the sport, try splitting them up with you and another veteran training them and then have a skirmish between the two teams.
  • There are many more drills, just use some imagination.
  • Plan your sessions on the computer and print it out. Make a timetable that contains which day the training is, what is the objective, what equipment you need, how objective is going to be executed and how will you assess your fellows after the session.
  • If you are in to realism then you can play the MilSim type of game with real military personnel.
  • You can play a lot of scenarios like skirmishes, CQB or Close Quarter Battle, etc.


    1. Airsoft vests, which are helpful because you can get shot and it won't affect you.
    2. Shatter-proof safety glasses. A plastic BB lodged in your retina is NOT fun.
    3. Good grip shoes is the way forward! Do not only use trainers as their grip isn't always effective. Buy some proper Army Boots as they perform their job well and look professional.

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