How to Tour Taipei, Taiwan in One Day

Taipei City, the surrounding Taipei County, and the nearby Keelung City together form the Taipei metropolitan area but are administered under different local government bodies. Taipei City is a special municipality administered directly under the Executive Yuan, while Taipei County and Keelung City are administered as part of Taiwan Province. Taipei commonly refers to the entire metropolitan area, while Taipei City refers to the city proper.


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    Get up bright and early, preferably 6:30 to 7 A.M. For a nice nutritious breakfast, you may want to consider eating at a streetside breakfast stall. These stalls sell various items, however, the most delicious food is "dou-jiang" or sweet soybean milk. Another crowd-pleaser is "dan-bing", or an egg wrapped with a tortilla like wrapper.
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    Get to Mao Kong Gondola. This will be your first stop. To get there, take the Taipei Metro on the Muzha line to the final stop, Taipei Zoo. Once there, there will be signs (in English also) of which direction to go. The gondola has 4 stations, climbing its way up slowly a mountain from the zoo all the way up to the famed Mao Kong station. Fares can vary from 30 to 50 NT for a one way trip, depending on which station you choose to depart from. Once in Maokong, there are various tea stations to choose from. The most delicious are hidden away in little forest nooks, so go on and look around!
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    After you find yourself done with the gondola and Maokong Station, take it back down to the Taipei Metro Taipei Zoo Station. From there, you must take the brown Muzha Line to the blue Zhong Xiao Fuxing Station. There you can exit directly into the SOGO department store. Shop around! This store is 12 stories high and carries everything from Juicy Couture to Taiwanese delicacies!
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    Call a yellow taxicab (just as you would call in NY) and tell the taxi driver "wo yaow zwoh dao taibei chuh jhan." After he starts to leave, get ready to pay a fare of at least 90 NT or above. No tipping is needed. (You can also more easily and inexpensively take the MRT to the Main Station. Just follow the signs in SOGO to the blue line, and once on the platform, board the train below the sign that points in the direction of Taipei Main Station. The fare will be around 20nt).
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    When you arrive at Taipei Che Zhan (which is actually translated into Taipei Main Station), head into the station. Find a staircase or escalator to go up to the second level. On your way, you might have seen a few 7-11 stores, which are similar to a drugstore/market combo. come here for snacks and toiletries. Once you get to the upper floor, it should have big signs stating "Breeze" or something containing the word. THIS IS IT! Go around and look at the food! Choices are a plenty!
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    Take the MRT, situated downstairs in B1 of the station, to Jiantan (which is north on the red line). At this stop, you will find the ShiLin night market, which doesn't get going until after 5pm. Follow the crowd and the exit signs to the ShiLin night market! Deals and delicacies team here! ShiLin nightmarket is the largest nightmarket in Taiwan and can become extremely crowded during the weekends.
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    Get back to your accommodation after the night market shopping is done. Do this if you wish. If you want to take the MRT back, make sure to find out when the last train leaves (usually around 11:30pm). What a long, fun day!


  • The price of items in Taiwan already include the tax. If you are a tourist (which you probably are since you're reading this) then save your receipts. As a tourist you are tax-exempt for the items you purchase, and you can get your money back if you show your receipts at the airport. It might take a don't do it unless you buy a lot of stuff! If you're obviously a tourist at a big department store, when you pay someone will usually ask to make sure, and deduct the tax from your purchase.
  • Leave right after breakfast and have money ready right when you get there.
  • SOGO stores have uniformed ladies to assist you. They may ask you something in Chinese. When you are in the elevator, they may keep on talking. Just ignore. They are either reviewing the level selection or telling people "thank you" for coming to SOGO!
  • If you want to go to a smaller, yet still very bustling, nightmarket that is more preferred by Taiwanese people, go to the TaiPower stop and then head to the ShiDa nightmarket. It is about 10 minutes walking but you can use the MRT map or ask someone how to get to the ShiDa yeh4 shi4. You can also ask the MRT attendant in the station and they may be able to direct you. The ShiDa night market is also located near Yongkang Jie (Yongkang Street), which is famous for its mango ice at Bing1 Guan3 (Ice Monster), and Dingtaifeng, a restaurant known for its xiao3long2bao1.
  • The MRT is a very easy and inexpensive way to navigate Taipei. To use it, first go to the automatic machines and locate the name of the stop you wish to go on the map above the machine. At that stop there will be a number, which is the fare to ride from your current station to that destination. On the screen choose that number as the ticket fare you wish to purchase, then the number of tickets, then insert the money. You will receive a blue plastic coin, which you will wave in front of a sensor when going through the turnstiles. (Don't misplace this coin!) If you are at a transfer station, follow signs to the platform of the color line your destination is on. Once on the platform, above each track is the name of the last station on that line, which tells you which direction that train is going. It will also note which train is traveling in the direction of Taipei Main Station. When you reach your destination, check the exit signs to see where each exit comes out, then deposit the blue coin back into the turnstiles to leave. You can also pay your fares with Easycard, which you can save some money on the MRT fares too.
  • The Maokong Gondola might be very crowded if attempted to go on a weekend.
  • There is commonly no tipping in Taipei or basically anywhere in Taiwan.


  • Don't attempt to work without a work visa on this trip.
  • It is very difficult to buy property in Taipei. If you plan to do so, find an experienced property dealer in order to avoid being scammed.

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