How to Tidy Household Cords

Are your cords all in a pickle and making it near impossible for you to work out which cord goes where or belongs to which appliance?! Sometimes we just keep on adding the cords without thinking and then find ourselves in a small mess. When it gets to this point, or better still, before it gets to this point, it is time to start tidying them up efficiently.


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    Untangle tangled cords. Before you even set out to tidy the cords in an orderly fashion, make sure that they are not entangled. Cords with kinks, knots and wrapped around one another are under pressure and therefore present a potential fire hazard resulting from possible short-circuiting. Unravel them and it will be easier to take the next steps.
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    Label them. You can purchase cord labels tailor-made for cords, or you can improvise with homemade labels made from stickers, from tape and paper or from yarn and card. Whatever suits your budget and patience is the best choice. Pre-made cord stickers do speed up the process, though, as many of these are worded with the names of common appliances, such as camera, mouse, TV etc.
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    Put away unused cords. Cords that are not in current use and cords that have infrequent use should not be left lying around gathering dust. It is much better to have a dedicated drawer or shelf space devoted to cord storage. Store such cords with care, following these steps:
    • Roll cords up into a neat and not too tight circle. Attach a twist tie to keep the shape.
    • Label each cord. If you have more than one appliance that the cord might work with, make the label as specific as possible.
    • Lay the cords gently atop one another in the storage space. It helps if the cords are sitting in a container or basket for ease of lifting out when you are looking for cords
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    Keep all newly labeled cords in order. Arrange them neatly near the power source and avoid entanglement.


  • Labels should be considered for all computing equipment in the house. Even if you are ace at working out which cord belongs where, you cannot expect the same knowledge from other household members or guests.
  • If you can, pull cords out of power sources when not in use to save on energy.


  • Unused power sockets should have safety protectors inserted if babies and toddlers are present.
  • Always take care to keep cords away from any high traffic areas where people and pets could trip over them.

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