Part 1

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    Do the Screwball. Make a "C" with your Index finger, Middle finger, and thumb. Have your ring and pinky fingers right beside them curled upon the holes. Then throw. If done right, the ball may move sideways up to 4 feet (1.2 m).
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    Perform the Rising Screwball. Make the holes face right. Put your middle finger on the ball so it covers three of the holes. Put your index finger next to the holes, but separated from your middle finger. Throw 3/4 submarine and snap your wrist. Throw it outside at the batter's knees for a right handed batter and it should curve up and in the strike zone.
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    Do the Super Rising Screwball With Mega Death Of Doom. Hold the ball with the holes to the left. Place your index and middle finger right next to the holes almost touching. Then throw it full submarine so your knuckles almost touch the ground.
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    Do the Screwball For Lefties. Hold the ball so the holes are to the right and cover the holes with your index and middle finger and throw it over hand. Opposite for righties.
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    Combine a Screwball/Sinker. Most effective for left-handers. Grip the ball like a normal screwball and do the same arm motion except when you release the ball come through it as if your throwing a curve ball, giving it a big loop like a nasty curve ball.
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    Nasty Dropping Screwball. Hold the ball like you would a riser, but throw overhand, and flick your wrist as you come around. The ball should make the motion of a screwball then suddenly drop.(This pitch is awesome to use on a 2and 2 pitch. Even though you might not get a strike if you do it perfectly it will be nasty.) After throwing this about 20 times your arm may hurt, so take a break.
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    Sick Rising Screwball: For righties, hold like a slider with the holes to the right and the solid side to the left. Then throw 3/4 submarine and the ball should break up and to the right.

Part 2

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    Do a Slider. Make a "C' with your index finger, middle finger, and thumb. If you're a right handed pitcher then the holes should be on the right. If you're a left handed pitcher then the holes should be on the left. Make sure that your hands don't cover the holes.
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    Throw a Super Slider. Hold the ball with the holes on the left side and stick your index finger into one hole. Allow your index finger to be the last finger on the ball and the ball should curve 2–3 feet (0.6–0.9 m) to the left. This takes some practice.
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    Perform a Better Slider. The holes should be on the right side. Put your middle finger into one of the holes then put your index finger on the opposite side of the hole. To make this work you should throw this in the middle of sidearm and normal.
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    Do a Screwball/Slider. Same as a curve ball just with the holes facing the right. Well almost the same, you want to have your fingers on the holes this time and have your fingers pointing towards the middle of the ball more so its not parallel with the holes like the curve. Pretty much like and "X" with your 2 fingers and the holes. Hold this also with your index and middle fingers.
    • Hint: You want to throw this to the left side of the strike zone and flick your wrist a lot, hold it loose and almost lob it. As long as you have enough flick with your wrist it will slide or screw very smoothly to the right.
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    Sick Slider. Put the holes so they are facing to the right now put your index and middle finger along the holes while your thumb is underneath and throw it over hand. make sure you aim low and behind the batter because it will break a lot.
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    Slider With Huge Break. Put the holes facing to the left(right hander) and make a "c" with your index finger and thumb. Put your middle finger on the words "wiffle ball" on the solid part of the ball. Throw at 3/4 arm slot. If thrown right it will break all the way from a right handed batter across the zone.
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    Curving Slider: With the holes on the left, grip at the middle with your index and middle finger. Throw overhand. It should curve about 3 feet (0.9 m) to the right.
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    Shaking slider: Hold the ball with the holes on the right, and put your middle three fingers at the top of the ball. the index finger covers the holes for a lefty, and the pointer finger for a right hander. flick your three fingers and it should move a lot while appearing to shake.
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    Ultimate Slider. Hold the ball so the holes are facing down and throw the ball 3/4. you must also throw the ball down a little bit.
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    Awesome Rising Slider. Hold the ball like you would a dropper, except do your full wind up and throw between a submarine and sidearm, and when thrown flick your index and middle finger, when done properly the ball will do the motion of a riser then break like a slider.
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    Do the One Fingered Slider. For righties, put the holes facing the left. For lefties, put the holes facing the right. Stick your pointer finger in one hole. Throw overhand.

Part 3
Curve balls

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    Do a Drop Curve. Hold a screwball grip and throw 3/4 submarine and should drop and move like a curve ball.
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    Perform a Sick Awesome Curve Ball. Position your hand so that the holes are on the right side of the ball (for Righty Pitchers) and left side for Lefty Pitchers. Make your pointer and middle fingers into a "V" and push the ball up between them so it is kind of stuck. Throw the ball at any arm degree. However, between sidearm and 3/4 arm is the best. The ball should curve away to a righty if thrown over the top, up and away if thrown 3/4, it will sink if thrown sidearm and will curve in if thrown submarine.
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    Throw a Crazy-Curve Ball. Hold the wiffle ball with the holes out to the left and your index and middle finger vertical and on the right of the holes. Try to have your fingers on the holes. It's kind of like your giving someone the "loser" sign on your forehead but with 2 fingers.
    • Hint: Try to aim at a batter who's right handed, it will curve all the way across the plate. Sometimes even around their head and still hit the strike zone.
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    Do a Curving Riser. Hold the ball with the holes facing to the right, split your fingers, snap your wrist, and throw sidearm/submarine.( This pitch takes practice, but it helps to learn a riser first and then try snapping your wrist.) This is J.Wayne's pitch.
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    Do The Gurver. Scuff up you wiffle ball and grip it like a curve. Then throw it straight it should either curve like a gyro, curve, or slider.
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    Try a Late Curve. With the holes to the left put your index finger in one of the holes. Put your finger in the hole about 3/4 of the way up your nail. have your middle finger spread about half an inch apart. throw the ball 3/4 arm, or overhand.
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    Perform the Slow Diving Curve. Holes facing up put your index and middle fingers on the holes on the right of the ball. your thumb should be on the seam on the left of the ball. throw 3/4 or sidearm and it should curve about a foot and dive about 1 or 2 feet (0.3 or 0.6 m).
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    Do a Knuckle-Curve. Holes facing down, get your fingernails on each piece of plastic in between the holes. Get on top; and push rather than toss.
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    Aim a Scorcher (Nasty Curve). Put your index and middle finger on the opposite side of where the holes are throw so you turn the ball over to the side with the holes and should drop straight down.
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    Rising Curve. Have the holes facing the right for righties left for lefties split your fingers and have the middle finger be on the side of the holes have your index finger on the middle of he ball ( finger should be on the left side of the ball) throw side arm and snap your wrist up if thrown right ball will rise and at the last second curve
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    Huge Curve. Push in the hole side so that it is half a ball. Put the dent to the left. Put your middle finger on the center of the ball and your ring finger right next to it. Leave your pinkie and pointer fingers off of the ball. Throw way to the right of the batter. It's nasty.
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    Humongous Curve. Put the holes on the left side. Put your middle and ring fingers right on the half mark of the ball put your thumb at the bottom and throw it at the batter just watch the "Humongous Curve".
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    12-6 Curve. Holes on bottom put middle and index finger on top of ball where the trademark thing is. put thumb on side of holes then twist your wrist it will drop 4 feet (1.2 m).
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    The Slip. Hold the ball like you would hold a curve ball, but as you release, flick your wrist.
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    Slurve. Hold the the ball with the holes facing away from you and just throw like a fastball. It should curve about 5 feet (1.5 m) to the left.

Part 4

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    Do a Riser. Make a "c" with pointer middle and thumb. middle finger and thumb should be on the middle of the ball with holes to the right if you are a right-handed pitcher. Pinky and ring finger should be curled up in the small circle where the pat # is (they should not be on the holes). This pitch should be thrown as a sidearm pitch, but the lower the release point the better it is. Just before the release point you should snap your wrist to get maximum rise.
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    Do a Riser/Floater. Hold this pitch the same as a curve ball but just throw it side arm and flick your wrist a lot! You want the holes to be straight up and just let the ball hover right across the plate. It usually stays right where you want to throw it unless you angle your arm awkwardly.
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    Riser. Hold with the holes facing down and have your index and middle finger over the holes and your thumb on the opposite side of the ball. When you throw you want to bend down to throw, throw across your body.
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    Crazy Riser. Push in the side with holes. put them on the bottom. Throw sidearm and flick your wrist.
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    Riser Change: Hold the ball with the holes to the right. The middle finger goes into a hole while the other stays gripped normally. Deliver like a riser but don't throw it as hard and flick your wrist. It will float across the plate. Make sure to never throw it twice in a row.

Part 5

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    Perform Sinker - 1. This pitch is the same as the riser just with the holes facing down. For some people the riser and floater are vice versa. With this pitch you also need to have a lot of flick with your wrist in order for it to work.
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    Try Sinker - 2. Hold the ball like a circle change up, and then throw the ball submarine style. Snap your wrist. This pitch is a counter to the sidearm Rise-ball. To fool the hitter as he/she sees you pitch sidearm, they are expecting it to rise when all of a sudden it sinks. Hold just like the Rise-ball except turn the holes toward the index finger. (If held out if front of the face the holes should be pointed to the left, opposite for a lefty). Throw this pitch sidearm again. aim high and to the right a little it will sink down and away from a right handed batter. Throw harder for more break.
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    Do a Crazy Sinker with Splitter Action. Hold the ball as you would for a so-called "screwball" so that the holes are to the right of your middle and index fingers (which should be together). Keeping this grip, throw it sidearm w/ a strong snap of the wrist, this will cause it to rise slightly then drop dramatically, just like a splitter.
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    Perform a Nasty Sinker. Have the holes of the ball on the left side and put your index finger on the left side of holes or barely on the holes, then do the same with the right middle finger but except on the right side of the holes.
    • Hint: If you throw overhand snap your wrists down a little and it should drop a couple of feet.
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    The Super Amazing Kahakalaka Omega Death Bomb Sinker. Hold the ball on your finger tips on the bottom of the ball. Throw underhand, but exaggeratedly high, and flick your wrist upwards, with as much force as a fastball. It should rise and rise, and the batter will stop to look at it, and it should drop into the zone.

Part 6

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    Big Dropper. Put your middle finger in the holes so that they are on the right. Put your thumb on the bottom of the ball. Place your index finger to the left of your middle finger so they are spread apart, but not too far. Throw between 3/4 and over the top but twist your hand so the holes are in the front while pitching. The ball should drop 3–4 feet (0.9–1.2 m).
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    Nasty Drop. Hold like a screwball, except split your fingers.throw sidearm and flick your wrist.
  3. Image titled 140447 46
    Massive Drop. Put pointer finger halfway on the holes and middle finger touching your pointer finger, throw sidearm at an up angle, for example throw sidearm but throw at the top of the strike zone and it will drop about 6 feet (1.8 m) if thrown hard enough. it will drop right into the strike zone and strike the opponent out!

Part 7

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    Do a Cutter. Hold the ball like a fastball but split your hands just less than you would for a splitter. you should almost have a slice motion to your throw so that is a 3 quarter throw. the pitch takes practice but it should cut a foot but it looks like it will cut 5!
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    Try a different cutter. Put your index finger on the equator with the holes on the left for righties then have your middle finger an inch to an inch and a half then put your thumb just barely on top of the holes close to the middle then throw it at 3 quarters and it should cut straight across the strike zone.
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    Yes… Another Cutter. Holes on left of the ball put index finger over the middle of the holes, put middle finger on the seam. thumb also on the middle of holes but on bottom of the ball. pitch over the top it should break 2 to 3 feet (0.6 to 0.9 m) away from a righty batter and will drop about 6 to 9 inches (15.2 to 22.9 cm).

Part 8

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    Knuckle. Have the holes facing you, put your index and middle fingers on the top of the ball and slightly on the holes. Instead of holding it with your fingers hold it with your index and middle knuckles. Your other fingers will tuck in on the side of the ball regularly, not with your knuckles. Also don't let your ring and pinky wrap around the ball just tuck them in with your hand.
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    Totally Awesome Knuckle. The original knuckle ball is pretty good, but this one is nasty! Push the center of the ball (center being circle in between the holes) and bend your pinky and ring fingers. Place them in the dent you created. Put your pointer and pinky fingers out over side of ball. As you throw it, flick out your bent fingers, it is uncontrollable but moves like crazy!
    • Hint: Good luck throwing this one (and hitting it)
    • Hint: Your hold on the ball should be almost the same as the devil's horns sign.
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    Knuckle Curve. Have the holes facing the right. Put middle finger slightly in one of the holes put index finger to the left of the middle finger, put thumb on the bottom of the ball, throw over hand and snap wrist down hard. ball should drop if thrown right about 4 feet (1.2 m).
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    Knuckler. Put your fingers on the side with no holes put your index, middle, and ring knuckles on the ball.Throw towards the ground and snap your wrist. It floats like crazy!
  5. Image titled 140447 54
    Knuckle-Change. Put the holes on the bottom with your index, middle, ring, and pinky knuckles right above the median with your thumb on the center of the side with the holes. The batter will think the pitch will move, making him uncomfortable.
  6. 6
    Mirage Knuckle (Based on the MLB Power Pros pitch, as by Alvin Lockhart). Hold a normal Knuckleball (on the very inner edges/near the middle of the ball), but, put index and middle inside top two holes, the thumb, ring and pinky on the bottom 3 (should have at least 3 holes open, two on the left and 1 on the right for righties and vice versa for southpaws) and throw as hard and push the ball with the fingers. If successful, the ball should have little-to-no curve and have plenty of speed and drop to it! (play MLB Power Pros for PS2 or Wii and play until you have the Psychic Goggles or face Alvin in the College Kings World Series, where he has the similar, but, more powerful Star Shaker pitch, which acts like a Mirage Knuckle, only moves faster and is harder to hit/watch MLB Power Pros Success Mode videos to see how the Mirage Knuckle* works.
    • Note: The Mirage Knuckle is officially known as the Mirage Knuckler! Just be aware when Alvin uses it!
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Part 9

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    Change-Up. Hold the ball with the holes facing which ever way you want. Stick your index finger in one of the holes. Not too far in the hole so it is completely stuck. Throw this pitch hard and let your finger come out when you release. It should be off speed. Slow, but should reach the plate after the batter swings.
  2. Image titled 140447 57
    The Hanging Changeup. Hold the ball with all 5 fingers evenly spaced. Throw like a fastball, except step forward an extra 5–10 inches (12.7–25.4 cm). It should appear as a sinker- except stay at the same height.
  3. Image titled 140447 23
    Circle Change. When this one works it's sick. Hold the ball like you re making an "okay" sign with your hand. So your index and thumb are making a circle and your other fingers are away. Make the circle around the holes of the ball. It tends to curve to the left but it works.
  4. Image titled 140447 59
    Straight changeup. Face holes toward you and then put hour palm on the part with holes throw like a fastball it will be a little off-speed but don't throw it right over the plate throw it outside.
  5. Image titled 140447 60
    Rising Change Up. Hold like a slider, but with three fingers. Throw sidearm and flick your wrist.
  6. Image titled 140447 61
    Slurveball Changeup. Hold it with the holes to the left then hold like curve. Flick wrist like screwball. The ball will rise up to the left about 8 inches (20.3 cm) then have a 12 6 curving action to the right with a drop of about 4 feet (1.2 m). It is a deadly weapon invented by pro wiffle baller Jason Fargrovin from South Korea.
  7. Image titled 140447 64
    Crazy Spinning Change-Up. Have the holes facing you and put the tips of your index, middle, and ring finger on the top three holes. Have your thumb and pinky on the bottom and almost cover the rest of the holes with your palm. Throw like a fastball put spin the ball by flicking your wrist left our right. It will look like a fastball but break a little bit and slow down.
  8. Image titled 140447 63
    Slo-Mo: With some fine tuning this pitch could possible one of the most dangerous change-ups in wiffleball. Hold the ball like you would a riser (holes down deliver sidearm). During delivery cut under the ball so it spins like a football with the holes forward. When successfully thrown it should rise and slow down in the middle of the pitch.

Part 10

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    Fastball. Hold the ball with holes up, put mid finger on a space in between the holes and pointer finger on a hole throw overhand.
  2. Image titled 140447 28
    Gyro. Hold the ball with holes facing towards the batter and throw overhand spinning the ball as you throw.
  3. Image titled 140447 30
    Eephus. Hold the ball as you would a fastball and lob it so it just makes it a strike. Only throw when ahead in the count e.g. 0-1 0-2 1-2 or maybe a 1-1 or 2-2 but not anything else. And if they don't swing it's usually a ball.

Part 11
Various other pitches

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    Perform the Super Mega Un-hittable Ball. Put your pointer and your middle together and others below so holes are on the left side throw lightly it should curve way over to the left.
  2. Image titled 140447 5
    Do an Ultimate Breaking Ball. Make a C with your thumb, and your middle/index fingers. Hold the ball so your fingers are on opposite sides of the ball. When throwing this pitch, throw it completely over the top and grip the ball very loosely. When you release the ball it's like you are almost not holding on to it. Exaggerate your follow through, (making sure you actually delivered the ball), and it should drop about 2–3 feet (0.6–0.9 m).
  3. Image titled 140447 22
    Palm Ball. Hold the ball between your thumb and palm with your fingers up. Experiment with how the holes go or how many fingers are up!
  4. Image titled 140447 70
    Big Freeze. This pitch moves a little but is hard to hit. With the holes all facing down, hold your index and middle fingers above the holes parallel to them. Throw sidearm.
  5. Image titled 140447 71
    The Crack. Hold the ball with the holes on the top. Put your index finger in the middle hole, and throw straight forward and down, and when you are about to release, flick your index finger down. It should break 1–2 feet (0.3–0.6 m).
  6. Image titled 140447 72
    Special Pitch. Hold almost like a slider but put thumb a little more up almost toward the trademark thing. Throw almost sidearm and it will do almost anything so it will always fool the batter. Best if used with 2 strikes.
  7. Image titled 140447 73
    The Sluckerball. For righties, have the ball set as a screwball or slider, another way for lefties. Place your fingers like a riser, but your middle and index fingers curled up like a knuckle ball. Push off those 2 fingers and it should not move but it will curve.
  8. 8
    Psycho. This pitch is very difficult to grip. The holes are facing to the right and your ring and pinkie fingers are bent like you were throwing a knuckle ball. Place your ring and pinkie finger going diagonally up the holes. When pitching to a right-handed batter, aim at him and when throwing, flick your wrist clockwise.
  9. 9
    The Sweeper. Grip the pitch like you would a slider, but throw it like you would a riser. If thrown effectively, it will 'sweep' across the zone. This is useful for pitchers throwing to an opposite hand batter as it is an opposite curve.


  • Mix speeds and locations.
  • Practice!Practice!Practice!
  • Don't get too serious. Be sure not to overthrow the ball, which weighs less than an ounce.
  • Relax when you throw the ball. Don't grip it very tight and whip it or else you will hurt your arm.
  • Keep your ball in top shape. You might want to consider scuffing it up with fine smooth, sandpaper.
  • Throwing a wiffleball is never hard, even if you are trying to throw it perfectly. Always keep practicing, for practice makes perfect.
  • Stretch out your wrists and fingers before pitching. Stretching them out will help you get a better grip of the pitches.
  • Try to develop your arsenal of pitches so the batters never know what's coming.
  • Do not flick your wrist when pitching at a young age. This may cause arm injuries since your arm is turning in such a violent motion.
  • For righties, throw pitches that break left and throw at the batter. He/she will get out of the way and the ball will just drop into to zone.


  • You might wear-out your arm after many, many pitches. Be sure to take a brief break if it starts to hurt.
  • Your arm will most likely start to hurt after a lot of pitches, so be careful not to throw your arm out.
  • If you are gonna pitch to someone, make sure you are far enough to see the ball coming at you so you don't get hit by the ball.( I have a field in my backyard and the pitchers mound is 30 feet away from home plate, and it's a great place).
  • Don't play outside during very windy days unless you're a knuckle-baller.

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