How to Throw a Theme Party

Whether you are bored of the same type of party all the time or just want to wear a costume, a theme party is a great way to spend the night with your friends. Here are some steps to follow.


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    Figure out the expectations and limitations for your party. The size of the venue can determine the number of people, the function of the party, and the financial limits; which can determine the degree to which you will have to provide for your guests (will you be providing the food and drinks or will it be a potluck/BYOB?).
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    Figure out what kind of party it's going to be. Whether it be a dinner party, a dance party, Halloween bash, a Sonic game party, etc.
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    Figure out what your party will be based on. Sometimes the theme will come automatically to you, and you can just move forward from there. If you do not have a theme in mind, try brainstorming with all the hosts. If you cannot come up with a theme you can all agree on, a good way to compromise is to make a list of themes that none of you are opposed to, cut them up, place them in a container, and pick one at random. Or you could just use the first thing that comes to mind and turn it into a theme( ex. If you were thinking about summer Olympics you could have a party revolving around it).
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    After coming up with a theme, you will need to gather items that bring it all together with your party. This includes food, beverages, decorations, and costumes. All of these things can run from simple things which bring the theme to mind, and to extravagant items that are undeniably related.
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    Send out invitations. Make sure that they're related to your theme!
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    Decorate your place/plate/outfit with enough time so everything is just right for when your guests arrive.


  • Maybe get a photo booth! Just get some wacky items and have a camera. Snap away to capture those great memories! A couple of days later you can put them on a CD and deliver them to them!
  • One great thing to acquire for your theme party is party favors because they can act as decoration or even costume and make great keepsakes for your guests to really make it a memorable night.
  • When inviting your guests, make sure that they know what the theme is and how far you plan to take it, as you don't want anyone to come dressed for the wrong theme or be the only one in costume.
  • Themes can come from movies, culture, television, eras, trends, or just about anything that interests you and your potential guests.
  • You can have a sleepover and act as characters in a book.


  • When planning for beverages, make sure that everyone at the party will be of proper age if you want to serve alcoholic drinks. And don't drink and drive!

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