How to Throw a Sushi Dinner Party

Creating and throwing theme food parties with family or friends is a great way to get together and interact in a culinary fun way. One doesn't even need the knowledge or skills to assemble the final product, as they can get experience and learn from others. Sushi might be a complicated food to many to make, but there's lots of ways to eat it. Prepare and throw a sushi dinner party in the near future.


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    Prepare sushi rice in advance. You may want to cook this at the last minute so it will be still warm when your guests arrive. Avoid refrigerating the rice at all costs, as the rice will dry up and have a different texture, even when microwaved. Depending on the amount of people planning to arrive, you might want to reserve a pot of rice for every four or five guests (about a cup of rice per person). Provide bowls of water on the side for rice scoopers.
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    Purchase nori sheets. The more fresh the sheets are, the more crispier they will be. When preparing nori on platters, be sure that the glossy side is faced down so that the guests can lay on the rice on the "rough" side of the sheet.
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    Prepare the ingredients and fillings. Peel any skin off and cut into long thin strips. When making maki sushi, you'll want the ingredients to extend from one side to another, as well as the advantage of successfully rolling the sushi without having it budge out. Be sure to use at least two or three plates with medium sized piles with tongs on the side for accessibility.
    • Choose your fish and meat. These can be prepared the night before and heated, if needed, before the guests arrive. Popular ideas can be thinly chicken strips, imitation crab, and shrimp.
    • Choose your vegetables. The most common vegetables used for sushi are typically cucumbers, carrots, and avocados. If you have easy access to Japanese or Asian ingredients, try incorporating takuwan (pickled daikon radish).
    • Choose your condiments. Ginger and wasabi are excellent condiments to any Japanese dish; just be sure to advise your guests to add a dab of the item, as too much can make it very spicy.
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    Arrange the setting. Add cushions on the floor around a long short table for the most authentic Japanese eatery environment. To avoid messes, it's advisable to wrap sushi mats with plastic wrap or wax paper. When doing this method, people sharing mats won't be stuck with another person's rice or nori leftovers. Make sure that each person has their own small bowl of water or rice vinegar specifically to dip their fingers in, as rice can be sticky to handle.
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    Serve your guests sake or tea. Typically drinks are the very first items to arrive at a table, so allow this to be a great "icebreaker" item before eating.
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    Allow everyone to create their own sushi. Continue to serve drinks and have fun making food.


  • Don't focus specifically on sushi just because it's a themed party. Think of other Asian foods, such as teriyaki chicken and edamame (Japanese soybeans).

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