How to Throw a Pomeranian Party for Kids

Planning a kids party? Need help? Well help is on the way. The theme that is unique and cute is Pomeranians Dogs!


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    Decide where will this party be? Make sure this setting relates to the Pomeranian theme nd is dog friendly. The location should be kid friendly and fun. Make sure this place is not a noise free area, because when are kids parties ever quiet?
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    Select a date and time for the party. What date/time will the party start and end? You might want to consider how old the guests are, if they are toddlers, make the party in the afternoon. That is also their nap time, so keep that in mind. If the guests are ages 4-10 you might still want it in the afternoon, but keep in mind that there will be a lot of noise. If these guests are teens or teens, you could have it at any time of day. Just make sure that it doesn't start or end too early or too late. This should be a 2 hour party at most.
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    Decide on your budget? It is good to have fun but, don't go overboard with expenses on the party. It should be a reasonable price. Also, don't be afraid to settle for less expensive things, we don't have to always be above and beyond.
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    Decide who to invite. Apart from Pomeranian owners, who do you want to attend this party? Let the child host decide some guests who will attend. But, always proof this list of guest, and try not to change some of the guests unless there is a major problem ( a major problem is not because you don't like their mom). Make sure that the list does not exceed 10 or 15 kids. Remember, this is a small party!
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    Get and send the invitations. Invitations are just another expense, so you and your child can make them. But, if both of you are art impaired you can buy them from a store. You might want the invitations to be Pomeranian related.
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    Decide on the party food. What food will be served? Make sure there is dog related food. For example, dog house cupcakes. Its suggested you make the dog related food. There can be a Pomeranian cake. Dessert is a must, kids love dessert. But, the actual food can be pizza, or something kids enjoy. You might also want snacks like dog treats, which can be those scooby doo cookies. Make sure that the food is allergy free or check with your guests about their allergies( if there is any).
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    Decide what games will be played? Fetch is recommended. Fetch is played with a soft ball, and everytime before someone throws it they have to say bark and the name of the person they want to throw the ball to. The person can only have the ball for 5 seconds, let the kids count. No one can have the ball twice in a row, to make things fair. Also, the kids can play doggy go, doggy stay, in this game one child has to close their eyes and turn around, the other players have to get to the person wile they say doggy go,which means go, and doggy stay which means stay. Make sure you have enough space for these games.
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    Decorate the area. Put pomeranian pictures on the wall and pictures of dog houses. Make sure the decorations can easily be removed for easy clean up and set up.


  • Check the kids medical conditions, not too thoroughly, but know if they have diabetes or asthma.
  • Do not get too much sugary food, it will make the kids hyper.
  • Make sure that your house does not have breakable objects in the room, so there will not be any accidents, hopefully.
  • Explain the rules of the games to the kids, so they understand what to do.
  • Put the kids In one area, and always keep count of them.


  • Your belongings can be damaged or stolen.
  • Kids can wander off.
  • Kids can throw tantrums.
  • Remember to always keep the games clean.

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